Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Photo - A bit of a test post.

I have been working a bit on the Morris Garden quilt as well this month.  I have about 35 or so blocks completed and I think I have decided I need 98 or something.  Somewhere I have written down the number of blocks I need because I keep forgetting...... oh that reminds me I need to go to the Alzheimer's website and do the test!!  

I order a bit of the new Barbara Brackman Morris Tapestry fabric today.  I sure hope she stops bringing out new William Morris fabric lines because it is cost me a lot of money!!  I am trying to save for retirement now and it is not really working.

Part of this post is from my iPhone.

I have been trying to post from my new phone and I was having trouble uploading pictures but now it seems to be working.   This is a picture that was on my phone of Phoenix at the wedding.... so cute!!

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  1. Have you calculated how many HST's you have to make? I bet you'd faint finding out the number. The quilt is looking great!

  2. What app are you using to post your blog posts? I haven't found one that I like well enough.

    The quilt looks great!

  3. Happy 2011 Pam.
    Happy work with your Morris Garden quilt.
    ciao ciao

  4. I love your quilt..it is so pretty!