Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fairy quilt and Grandbabies

You would think I would be blogging every day now that I am incarcerated here on my deck with nothing to do but drink coffee and quilt! 

I have been going like crazy on my Wool Applique project.  The weather has finally - hummmm - I don't want to say warmed up because it is still pretty mild but it isn't raining every day.  I am spending most days on the deck - looking out at the activities on the water and watching Netflix - right now I am watching "Damages" with Glenn Close and Ted Danson.

I am just uploading a few pictures from my phone and I don't think I had ever posted a picture of the quilt I made for Phoenix when it was completely finished.  Jim and I took the quilt with us when we went to Calgary in May - on  the Mother's Day weekend.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of it before I took it there so finally Jessica sent me a few pictures - as well as a couple of pictures of the kids in the yard this summer.  And I know I haven't posted pictures of the grandkids in a long time - as Anna had mentioned - so the pictures are for her :) 

Forest Fairy Quilt

I used the little squares that were on the panel for the corner blocks but I had to sew a little green border around each square to make them the right size for the sashing.  It took awhile to find the right border and sashing fabric and then I needed more of the dark green for the binding - so it took longer than I thought but I am very pleased with the final quilt.  Jessica says Phoenix really loves it.  And it is much larger than a crib quilt so it can lay nicely on her little bed - as she is no longer in a crib.

Phoenix - 18 months.

Hunter and Phoenix - this summer - Calgary Alberta - and see that sweaters are needed in Calgary in July!  What a summer.

Gosh they're cute!  If I don't say so myself :)

I have pictures on my camera of my finished Wool blocks - lets see how quickly I can get those posted.

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  1. Phoenix sure looks like her mama-
    Have been wondering how your foot is healing-I hope that it is not giving you too much pain.
    Your fairy quilt is really lovely too.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful grandbabies- they are growing so big.
    Sending you warm healing thoughts,
    Warmest regards,