Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little video demontration

It has been quite the event to post this video!  But since I am NOT doing much else I persevered and I think I might finally have done it!  I took this video with my IPhone gripped in one hand as I held the crutches as well. 
I shot this video the other afternoon – just to entertain myself mostly.  The Bed, Bath and Beyond bag at the bottom of the stairs is a bag of laundry I am working to getting to the laundry room – just to clarify.
I continue to spend most of the day on the deck – but at least now the sun is shining – it might actually get warm this weekend! 
Believe it or not I am actually planning to go to the big Quilt show in Tacoma next weekend – my fabulous quilting peeps have organized a FART ( Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) and the big APNQ show ( which is now called something different) is in Tacoma instead of Seattle this year.  My friend Dianne has found a wheelchair rental for me – and has volunteered to be my pusher – who can resist a personal pusher??  I have had this trip planned for months so I hope I don’t have too many problems with my mobility down there – but I sure could use an outing!!
I have been working on my Wool BOM and I have almost finished Block 11 of 16 and I have also started another Dear Jane block – FINALLY ---YAY for me!!
It seems there was also a problem with my comment section on my blog so I have changed settings and we will see how it is working now.

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  1. Excellent job of getting down those stairs. It does look like a bit of an ordeal. Glad your friend helped work things out so you can attend the show, we wouldn't want you to miss out on a great FART. Hee hee hee. Enjoy the warm weather while sewing on the deck. Was nice to see the grandbabies again, goodness, they have grown!! The fairy quilt is delightful. :-D