Sunday, February 16, 2014

Does anybody want to see my X-rays?

A bit of an update. 

First how about an X-ray of my new ankle joint. Pretty cool hey?   

It is called a Hintegra. My sister Sharon has named it Mankle - and my quilt peeps call it my Frankenfoot. 

I am getting better - slowly. I am still in my boot!  But the pain is much better this past week or so.  I have been experiencing a bit of pain - not as much as the last surgery,  but most of the pain - of course - occurs at 2 AM!  

But I am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel - unfortunately when sleep doesn't come at night the days are not that productive. But fortunately there is the OLYMPICS!!!  

CBC has a wonderful iPad app that make it possible to watch all kinds of Olympic events - Live - when I am awake at 2 AM.  The Women's curling team is amazing!  All the Canadian athletes are doing a wonderful job to represent!  

The CBC app for the iPad has so many streaming videos and with the 12 hour time difference there is lot to watch in the wee hours of the morning! 

So that is mostly what I have been up to for the past few weeks. Trying to heal my new Mankle and watching the Olympics. I have one book of short stories I am reading - slowly - I find my concentration is not great right now. But I'm starting to " Look on the bright side of Life". 


  1. Ouch! That looks rough. You won't be able to go through metal detectors easily any more. Sure glad you're feeling better though and enjoying the Olympic Games.

  2. Anonymous11:50 pm

    I won't complain about my total knee replacement -- your hardware looks much more difficult.

    It's nice to not limp anymore but it's been since August 2015 and there is still some swelling and a tad of discomfort (for some reason) - and, of course, haven't called the surgeon about it.

    You're a couple of years since surgery - how does it feel now?

    Marny CA (not Anonymous)

    1. Hi Marny. I don't think I can email you a reply. My ankle is better but it still gets stiff and swells and is a bit uncomfortable. I have come to accept that it will never feel like the other ankle! I guess I had the expectation it would. Haha. Silly me!!