Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pheasant fabric

Jim has gone away for the weekend and taken the camera. I was planning to take pictures of my Oregon Coast quilt shop "hop" but I will have to wait until he gets back tomorrow. He has gone to Hamilton Ontario to a WW2 reunion of his Uncle Doug's Battery - or something like that.

I have been quite busy quilting - and doing quilt related things while he has been gone. I have been working on my Secret Santa gift and it is getting close to being completed. And today I spent the morning cleaning my Featherweight. I had ordered a tune up kit and a few other pieces from the store and they came in while we were away.

I joined a Featherweight Yahoo group - which is a wealth of knowledge. I printed off a 6 pages of "Cleaning your Featherweight" and followed it step by step this morning. After it was all cleaned - new lubricant and oil, fresh drip pad and felt thread pad - it runs like a top!! I am quite happy with how well it works. I am planning to take it to my retreat in November. I have a couple of quilts I plan on making and I would like to piece them on the Featherweight.

The weather here has been "rain, heavy at times" all day and with Jim away it has been me out in the pouring rain, soaked, even with the umbrella -- to take the dog out for a walk. Today was the worst day of the weekend. The last walk I put on my rubber gum boots - there are rivers running down the streets!!

Since I don't have the camera I thought I would post a picture that I forgot to post when I got the fabric. And I hate to have a post without a picture.

I bought this pheasant fabric in August. It was just a few sample pieces from the "by the pound" sale at Quiltopia. I thought the fabric was great and I hope to make a little something in memory of Phinneaus.

For three years we had a pheasant that lived in the neighbourhood and he came to our yard on a regular basis. We fed him cracked corn and some of the left over bird seed.

Here is a picture of Phinneaus, a very handsome bird.

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  1. Those litle FWs are fantastic - they just go and go and go; plus they sew a perfectly straight stitch. Congratulations!
    Phinneaus is indeed a very handsome fella, and makes for beautiful fabric!

  2. What a beautiful bird and from your previous posts, love the truths about Jim and the star fabric.

  3. Phinneaus is gorgeous, do you know what happened to him? Oh, Pam... how I wish you could share your abundance of rain, we are in the worst drought ever.

  4. The rain has been unbelievable, it was sure a treat to get a break of sun yesterday afternoon in Gibsons and today it's cleared up nicely.

    What a wonderful bird to have running around your yard. And to have found fabric with the same bird is fantastic. Any ideas of what you might make?

  5. Hi Pam,
    What a perfect match to your Phinneus pheasant- He is a beautiful bird and so elegant looking-
    I am sure that you will come up with a great project to honor such a noble creature.
    Try not to get too wet on your walks.

  6. One reason we don't have a dog. =)

    You are still going on the shop hop, I hope?

    Love the pheasant grass fabrics.

  7. What a beautiful bird Pam. The fabric is just right.