Sunday, October 28, 2007

Centre Diamond - Cannon Beach Oregon

The first quilt shop I visited in Oregon was The Centre Diamond in Cannon Beach. I really liked this quilt shop -- so much so that I went back a second time.

It was on the main street in Cannon Beach but not in the main shopping district and we drove right by it a couple of times before we found it - although we should have found it easily.

The shop owner loves bright, Amy Butler, Joel Dewbury etc type fabric and there are lots of batiks, Japanese fabric and even African fabric. A great selection of fabric and patterns. I bought Anri (Andrew's girlfriend) two books of bag patterns from Cindy Taylor Oates -- The Slouchy Bag and another book from Cindy Taylor Oates with a bunch of different bags. I know Anri likes to make bags and she loved the books.

As this was the first shop I went into - Jim came along with me instead of sitting in the car. Jim is very social and was chatting away with the ladies in the store - very difficult for me to concentrate on what I was doing - I finally had to banish him to the car for the rest of the trip. I bought him a copy of the book "Help, I'm Married to a Quilter" so he wouldn't be too bored in the car. I think that is the reason for the second trip to the Centre Diamond. And it was good I went back because I missed a lot the first time around. When I went back the second time we were staying in Cannon Beach so I left Jim at the room enjoying a beer and the baseball game.

If you go to the Centre Diamond's website you will see a workshop offered at the quilt shop by a quilter -- Barbara Shapel . Barbara Shapel had a beautiful machine quilted Salmon Quilt at the APNQ show in Seattle in 2006. There is a small piece of the salmon quilt on the shop's website, it is just a stunning quilt! She teaches classes quite often at the Centre Diamond, she has great designs and does a mystery quilt workshop there. Boy, would I love to take a workshop there. When I mentioned this, Jim announce that he wouldn't be too happy to go on holiday for 4 days to Cannon Beach and have me away in a workshop the entire time. I'm surprised he thought I would have invited him along --LOL!!

I am not showing all the items I bought because some have been given away already.

I have been coveting the pattern for this Atkinson Design so I bought the pattern and I bought this lovely little print on fabric a painting of Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. This was my first trip.

I spent a lot more time in the shop on my second trip there. The shop owner was there that day and she was very nice and helpful we talked alot about the workshops and fabric. I found a fat quarter bundle of 12 different African fabrics, I was really thrilled with that find. The shop has a huge selection of Japanese fabric, even bits and pieces of actual Japanese kimono fabrics bundled in bags. It was really had to not buy everything in there. I resisted the Japanese fabric because I have a lot that I haven't really used yet.

I highly recommend a stop at the Centre Diamond in Cannon Beach for anyone who goes to the Oregon Coast.

I also highly recommend the Pizza a' Feta in Cannon Beach as well. We ordered take out pizza from Pizza a' Feta the first night we were there and Jim drove into town to get it - he got a little lost and forgot the name of the place so when he got back the pizza wasn't really hot - but it was warm and it was the best pizza I have ever eaten!! Such a soft and perfectly cooked crust and great fresh ingredients. We had pepperoni, mushroom, feta and roasted garlic -- the pizza was just covered in whole cloves of roasted garlic!! Fabulous! I bet people from all over the Oregon Coast area drive into Cannon Beach for pizza.

I will post more about my quilt shop trip soon.

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  1. Hi Pam! Andrea from Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, What a marvellous trip and so what a beautiful blog you have!
    I really like the curved log cabin blocks too. It´s the first time that I see this block;
    It´s a pleasure be your friend by mail!,and To Know you is a great happiness!
    hugs and kisses, Andrea

  2. Nice shopping trip...Looks like a great shop...Hope you had fun...Toni

  3. Hmmm... I'll have to put the name of that quilt shop in my "oregon coast" file. Sounds like it is right up my alley!

  4. Ironically, today I'm wearing a t-shirt I bought in Cannon Beach a few years ago. I was there with a Country Heritage tour before we headed to the Sister's Show. Center Diamond is a fabulous shop - you found some great goodies.

  5. Oh Oh beautiful shopping.....and beautiful fabrics.
    ciao ciao

  6. Oh Oh beautiful shopping.....and beautiful fabrics.
    ciao ciao

  7. Noticed that you bought the same lighthouse batik fabrics that I ended up making a tote bag with. See my post of Sept. 17 Nautical Tote Bag. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your blocks!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time...that pizza sounds heavenly!!

  9. Yea, I read you about spouses in a quilt shop. Stephen is the same, social butterfly! It keeps me from concentrating. Then I have dd, throughout the shop, mom look at this, wow, isn't this beautiful, why don't you get this, oh I'd like some of this ...... Best for me to be alone! lol Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sounds like you al had a great shopping trip. I love you gave him that book. Too funny. The pizza sounds yummy too. I love feta on anything!