Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My next two stops

There is a really great quilt shop in Tillamook. Jane's Fabric Patch

It is in a cute little house along the main street - which is also Highway 101. I didn't spend a lot of time in the shop and I didn't buy a lot of fabric there but I could have!! I bought the Lori Smith Sampler pattern which I really wanted. A few fat quarters and two pair of socks for making some Sock Monkies. We can not get these socks in Canada. So I was pretty happy to find some. The package has two pairs. Does anyone actually wear these socks or are they just made into monkies?

Jim was sitting in the car and I didn't want to spend too much time in the shop. Later I discovered that there was an Airplane Museum just down the road - so I could have sent him off to the museum and shopped to my hearts desire -- ah well there is always next time :))

The next shop was quite fun to find - BJ's Fabrics and Quilts This shop is in the basement of a house down some winding dirt lane just off of Highway 101 somewhere around Cloverdale. It is stuffed full of fabric. The shop was full of women shopping and the parking lot behind the house was full of men waiting for the shopping women. So I happily left Jim in the parking lot with the rest of the men and shopped to my hearts content. Jim did eventually come into the shop and picked out a few fat quarters to add to the "Long Beach Quilt" collection -- (that is a quilt he wants me to make one day).

At BJ's if you bought 2 you got the third for free -- fat quarters, 1/2 yards, or yards. So -- good deal. Great shop to visit. Full of fabric -- stuffed full of fabric. I bought a few yards - and a pattern for wall hanging for Andrew - to put on my "to do" list.

I just finished two 12 hour shifts and nothing gets done when I work. So today and tomorrow I need to prepare for a retreat I am going to this weekend. I have a few things I really would like to get done - and it is a 4 day retreat!! I am pretty excited. I have lots to prepare - I have a bit of my Secret Santa gift to finish as well. And if you can believe it - I actually have to buy a bit of flannel for backing for a small quilt - can you imagine - I have to go fabric shopping!!
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  1. Gee, darn! Back to the fabric store for you... I know you gotta hate that. Have fun on retreat... you'll probably gets loads of things done, too!!

  2. Have fun at retreat, I am also going to a retreat this weekend and have done nothing to get ready.
    I love the sample quilt pattern; I will have to keep an eye out for that one.

  3. Ciao Pam,
    have a happy retreat.
    About Jim's waiting in the car...let me tell you that my husband does the same...he always waits for me while I'm shopping around! Next time you should bring a good book for him ;o)
    ciao, ciao

  4. Have fun at the retreat! I can't wait to see what you'll work on! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Have a great time at the retreat! My daughter wants to make sock monkies so I ran around and found some socks, they don't have the red heel thou.

  6. Great shopping finds!

    Enjoy your retreat. Can't wait to see your project(s). :-)

  7. Two 12 hour shifts are really draining.

    Glad you have a retreat coming up to recharge.

    Don't you just enjoy Lori's designs? and they are so easy to follow.

  8. I love that fabric Pam - I really like the botanical looking prints.