Thursday, November 01, 2007

Creative Fabrics - Wheeler

My next stop was Wheeler Oregon. The quilt shop in Cannon beach had given me a copy of the "Quilt Run 101" for February 2008 - so I was set up with a great list of quilt shops along Highway 101 for the rest of the trip.

Creative Fabrics does not have a web page for me to provide a line. Wheeler is a very small town with the one main road being Highway 101. The main shopping area is only about 3 blocks long. Creative Fabrics is a great little quilt shop. It has a selection of non cotton fabric as well as a good selection of 100% cotton quilting fabric. The staff were friendly and I went there twice - I decided I needed more of the fairy fabric and needed to go back. When I went back I bought I more than I had planned. That is always a sign of a good quilt shop - you buy more then what you went in for - LOL

I loved the fairy fabric and I bought one yard - and then on thinking of the quilt that I planned to make with it realized I needed more. I love the fat quarters of the Chinese fabric. I'm not sure what I will do with it, maybe a bag. I also bought some fabric here that has been given away already - so not in the picture.

The quilt shops in the U.S. seem to have lots of pre-cut yards and half yards - not just pre-cut fat quarters. I don't see that a lot in the shops in Canada. I like the pre-cut yards. I found it nice and easy to pick up a couple of yards - if it had not been pre-cut I probably would have picked up fat quarters instead. Of course the cost of $9.00 a yard makes it easier to pick up as well.

These are a few pre-cut yards I picked up at Creative Fabrics. I definitely liked this shop.
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  1. Lovely fabrics! Oh... who makes that lovely fairy fabric? DD loves fairies. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have bought wonderful fabrics Pam. They are so lovely!

  3. Oh wow - you done good!! Those are beautiful!

  4. Nice fabrics. I am hoping to get to US to fabric shop next week. THeir prices and selection are much better and with the Can dollar so strong it's an opportunity not to be wasted.

  5. Love the fairy fabric, what do you have planned for it?

  6. That is a lot of pretty fabrics. I love the fairy fabric the best too, and the pink you chose to go with it.

  7. Beautiful selection of fabric.

  8. Beautiful fabrics............the fairy fabric is very very nice.
    The fairy fabrics are the ones prefered by my daughter Isabella.
    ciao ciao

  9. Pam,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments about us at Creative Fabrics. This is Kathryn. We would love to see a picture of your completed fairy fabric project. If you need some more just give a call, but coming in is always more fun. Again, Thank you...