Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some Mail and some wool

Last Thursday I came home from work to a bunch of great mail!! First I got a nice little package from Carole of goodies some of which came from Australia. It is amazing when I got the package of goodies - Jim and I enjoyed a few and then I thought -- oh, better take a picture before we eat it all - LOL. As you can see, not much left -- I love Turkish Delight, haven't had that in years. Thanks so much Carole!

Then I also got my first Moda Fat Quarter Club package from The Fat Quarter Shop in Texas! Very pretty fabrics this month -- Decadent Victorian by April Cornell.

Next is a photo of the wool I have been collecting for the past few months. There is a woman that lives in my village that hand dyes her wool and I have been picking up small pieces here and there. This weekend at our retreat she brought some small kits and gave a wool applique workshop and she also had some black wool for me to buy. I bought two metres (for a pretty good price). It was very expensive in the Quilt shops and I was going to order some online but her prices were pretty comparable to the online shops, like the Quilted Crow that Carole likes to go to.

I think I have managed to get myself a pretty good collection. Although I noticed I need a bit more blue.

I started one of the wool kits this weekend. It is a small mitten that you can put goodies inside and hang up on the tree or give away. Very cute. So I bought a few more kits as well. Nice little gifts. As to whether I will get them done to give away for Christmas - that's another question.

I have been working this week on my Secret Santa gift. I have no idea who my secret Santa might be and I don't mind if they post a picture of the gift they are making - although I will like the surprise of finding out on Christmas. I don't even know if I read the blog of my Secret Santa - there are so many people on the list!! I am trying to figure out a way to organize my blog reading to make it easier for myself so I am not missing out on posts that I wanted to read. I think the thing the gets in the way of my blog reading the most is Work!!! Gotta figure out a way to fix that - LOL!!
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  1. Cute little wool kits! What a great idea. BTW WINTER is on it's way to Southern Ontario - the "S" word is going to happen on Thursday ..... hmmmm, perhaps the forecasters will be wrong!

  2. I love your April Cornell fabric. At the quilt shop this weekend, I was looking at all the lines they have, and that was one I liked a lot.

    You have gotten quite a nice selection of wool. Yummy looking against the black. Makes me want to collect some, especially when I see the cute mitten ornaments!

  3. Wonderful goodies from Carole - she sends the greatest things!

    I can imagine those adorable mitten in a variety of settings! They are wonderful.

  4. what a great mail day! You have such wonderful friend hun!!!

    I have no clue who my secret santa is either, but I need to get cracking on my gift for my recipient!! :D

  5. Yummy gifts are super great!

    Love the wool selection you have. Working with wool is very forgiving and easy to work with. The mittens are so sweet and will make very nice gifts.

  6. BELLISSIMI your kits.
    ciao ciao

  7. So far I've not been particularly interested in working with wool...then I read your post today and now I want to acquire some wool pieces and make something. Seeing your project in-the-making is what caught my eye. That is definitely going on my "to try" list.

  8. Love your wool. Very yummy colors! And the ornaments are precious! Again, very me! LOL

  9. very beatiful ornaments!

  10. I KNOW work is the biggest thing getting in my way of blog reading - and quilting! I'm taking care fo that - very soon!