Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back from a very eventful retreat

I have been back from my retreat for a couple of days but I have been unable to type much until today.

Here is a view from my chair at the retreat. It is held on an island just a short ferry ride away from Horseshoe Bay. The place we stay is right off the water. It is a lovely little spot -- I don't think I spent more than 30 minutes outside for the entire 3 days. I was busy! There was a hot tub there to ease our aching backs though and I did sit in that for a few minutes one night.

I finished my bag - which turned out great --- finished the Christmas stocking for little Hunter. I made a little bag from a "This and That" pattern - which didn't turn out that great and I started a quilt from a kit I bought in 2004.

And I injured myself -- twice. First injury was a bit of a freak accident. My little sewing snips ( the ones that are sharp and always open and you squeeze them together to snip threads) were sitting on the table in front of my machine - where I usually keep them and I knocked them off the table and they started to fall to the floor --- so I very quickly closed my legs together to catch them before they fell to the ground.

I hope you don't mind the picture but I completely impaled the snips into my thigh -- look at that bruise!

Then later that same night I cut my right thumb with the rotary cutter -- right through the nail ---- ohhh now that one hurt. I completely cut about 1/4 of the nail away. I have no idea how deep it is or if I should have gone to get stitches - I just held tight and hoped I didn't bleed on my fabric. It was pretty sore most of the week and I haven't been able to do much with my right hand until today. It is healing nicely though but I am sure that the severed nail will be falling off soon. ( I didn't think you needed a picture of that one!!)

And the last picture is the quilt that I started from the kit. It isn't a great picture of the quilt but I had spread it out today to measure it for the borders and here.... to prove that quilts are not just cat magnets!!

I am heading off to work a couple of shifts tomorrow. I was thinking I might not be able to work with this thumb but it seems to be healing fairly well and I find that if I wear a finger cot and don't hit my thumb on the fridge door ---ohhh that one hurt! I think I will be fine - wish me luck!
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  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend Pam,
    The bag looks great as does the beginning of the kit quilt. I really like the colors.

    How about that Jenny dog - doesn't she know that is cat behavior:D)

    The retreat spot is so picturesque I am amazed how much you were able to accomplish without being distracted by the beautiful scenery.

    Take care of yourself- hope that the thumb doesn't give you too much grief.


  2. I'm charmed for the wiew from your chair but.....I'm very very sprry for your leg and for your thumb.
    I imagine the pain!!!!!!
    Please take care yourself for some days.
    ciao ciao

  3. Ouch Pam - sometimes our instincts are way off - should have just left the snips fall to the floor. I'm always doing things like that. I nearly had my sewing machine needle through my finger last week. Was sewing some little triangles together and fabric slipped. I went to straighten it without taking my foot off the pedal. Just cut my finger a bit - clever me - lol ! Love your projects.

  4. You know, I can type ouchy things all day long, but having to see an injury is something I'm not good at. Sure hope you're healing fast. I heard a rumor that a trip to the quilt shop is a sure fire cure all for big boo-boos.

  5. Ouch that looks and sounds painful!! Hope u heal soon. The retreat looks fabulous, what i wonderful view...i doubt i would have got much sewing done looking at that lol!!
    Glad u had a good time, your projects are gorgeous!!

  6. Oh my - ow, ow, ow!!!! I've done that before with my little very sharp pointed applique scissors - they pierced my leg enough that they stood there imbedded in my thigh. I think I had shorts on at the time - it was a long time ago. It's just a natural gut reaction - I still do the same thing now when I drop something.

    Hopefully you didn't cut through the nail bed - as long as you didn't there shouldn't be any permanent damage to your thumb nail. I know how that feels too!!!

  7. Just reading this post makes my thumb ache! I hope your wounds will heal quickly. The retreat place looks really beautiful it's almost a shame that you go there to work ;-))).
    Good to read that you got a lot of stuff done and that Jenny has given her OK to the new quilt.

  8. I have given you an award it is waiting for you on my blog. Hope you play along?

  9. Looks like you've been a busy bee! You certainly got quite a bit accomplished at your retreat. After having experience my first retreat recently, I'm thinking that I've got to have more! lol Your quilting room is coming along nicely. Sorry to read about your accident! Hope all is healing well! Hugs!

  10. I cut my pinky finger on the rotary cutter a couple of weeks back, I could not believe how much blood came from the little cut, but it healed up nicely.
    Other than the mishaps, it sounds like a great retreat.