Thursday, November 06, 2008

A new product

This is a new Pellon product -- or new to me anyway.

It is a very light weight fusible web with a one inch on point grid.

I decided to try it for the Christmas stockings that I like to make - I would find making the scrappy on point "fabric piece" for the stocking shape to be quite time consuming.

You cut your squares of fabric to fit on a one inch grid -- but slightly smaller - these squares are cut 2 7/8 inches - so there is a little space between each piece. You iron them on the grid and then just sew seams of 1.4 inch along in each direction.

It was quite quick and easy and then gives me a big piece of fabric squares to cut out my pattern.

This is the stocking I made last year. Now I need to make one for little Hunter!!

I am just quickly typing this up as I am waiting to be picked up for my 3 day weekend quilting retreat. My first goal of the retreat is to make little Hunter a Christmas stocking. But of course I have packed up my entire quilting room to take along!!

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  1. I just saw that today. Is it a fusible web? I thought it was a fusible interfacing. Of course, I did not look too closely as I was not in the market for that, just the everyday fusible interfacing for suits.

  2. It's really cute -- what a clever way to construct it!

  3. I just love the stocking Pam, and I never would have thought about constructing one in that manner. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. That's an interesting product. I'll have to put it on my things to try list.

  5. Where did you get the Pellont? What a great idea!
    Love it!

  6. Pam the stocking is very nice and the fusible is fantastic.........I've found it out this summer and now I use it for the Quilting day project.

    congrats to Jim for the fish.
    ciao ciao

  7. Pam, The way you have put the stocking together is eyecatching, a what a nifty way to put the squares together.

  8. Oh wow, that is really clever. Love the stocking! Hope u have a good time away at the retreat!!
    Hugs xxx

  9. What a beautiful stocking. Really love the pattern. Hope you get a lot done at retreat!

  10. Great stocking for Hunter Pam!
    I have used a fusible web for colorwash before that was up and down not on the diagonal. It looks great and makes a very cool Christmas stocking.
    Hope that the retreat was great.

  11. we have that pellon product in our shop, what a great way to use it!! I love Hunter's new stocking!

  12. noice stocking and your grandson is growing quickly......

  13. I've used that many years ago and had forgotten about it, what a neat idea for the stocking. I can wait to see the new stocking you've made at your retreat.

  14. How cute! Santa is sure to spoil Hunter with such a sweet looking stocking! Hugs!