Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A bit of this and that

I am quite happily puttering away in my reorganized sewing space. I finished my November BOM on the weekend. Jim has reorganized the other side of the room and set up the stereo. The record player is working great and it is so much fun to listen to the old records as I was sewing my block -- remember "Rubberband Man" What a hoot! That was "The Spinners" back in our Disco days (or was it daze?)

I am getting ready to go off to Bowen Island for a three day retreat this weekend. It is so nice to look through my fabrics and patterns to pick out things for the retreat.

The other thing I did this week is figure out how to use my EQ6 program! I was so excited to make a real block. Probably if I had read through the book I would have figured it out a lot sooner!! But anyway.... I have a number of pictures I have saved of quilts I would like to make one day. My plan was to draft the blocks in EQ6 - so finally I can maybe start on that a bit.

This is the first block I have drafted. It was a quilt I saw on a blog. I want to use the Morris Garden by Moda fat quarter collection that I bought from Hancock's in a few months ago. There is a really great pattern for this collection - "Stepping Stones Quilt" Nancy Near Philadelphia is making one. I really like that pattern as well. But I am planning to make one with this block - I have no idea what the name of the block is - anyone know?

So this is my plan for the retreat - to make these blocks - with my Morris Garden fabric.

When I received my fat quarter bundle - months ago. I discovered that I was missing one fat quarter of the collection. Hancock's substituted another fabric - which didn't belong to the collection at all and I have no idea where it came from. I sent them an email and they said at the time they were out of the one fabric and if I wanted I could send the bundle back for a refund. I didn't want to send the entire bundle back and they never offered to send me the fabric when they could - I think I asked if they could send me the fabric but they never responded. I have been looking around the internet - eBay, and various online shops and it seems there isn't any of this fabric anywhere to be found. I find that amazing. I was hoping to find a piece of it - before I started the quilt -- but no such luck. I will go ahead and make the quilt anyway - maybe one day I will find a piece on eBay or somewhere. If anyone sees some of this fabric in there web surfing - send me a link if you get a chance.

And now that we are finished with all of this -- here is a little of that....

Jim filleting up a really big fish!

It is a very large Chum salmon that he cut up and smoked last weekend -- in the midst of building my shelves. Now it needs to be vacuum packed --- so off I go to help.
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  1. Hi Pam
    I think it looks like the Lady of the Lake block.
    Lurking Linda

  2. Have fun at the retreat and the blocks were wonderful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and I enjoyed catching up on yours.
    All the best,
    In Ireland

  3. Linda is correct, it IS Lady of the Lake. Very pretty fabric!

  4. Hi! I did find that fabric (took awhile!) at Quilt n Bee - http://www.quiltnbee.biz/scripts/buyall.asp?thepi=687&productlist=yes

  5. you have been busy!!

    OOOooo what a fish! My hubby would love to catch one of those!

  6. So, when's dinner? Glad one of us is getting acquainted with eq6. lol I just haven't taken the time to seriously play with it. Love the new look! Sweet!