Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A bit of Quilting this week

I am happy to say that I was very productive at QBTB (Quilting by the Bay) this past Saturday. I even carried over some of that productivity to home and I started on this little baby quilt. It is from a Moda Charm pack. I have a cousin that had a little baby girl and because there is a lot of pink in this charm pack I never used it for a baby of unknown sex.

It is cute fabric with little babies and bottles and stars and such. I had a bit of purple fabric I was going to use as a border but instead I decided to do a bit of a google search for the fabric and see if I could find a bit of yardage to match. The fabric is called "Peek a Boo" I was able to get some on sale for $6.00 yard from "The Door Mouse" I had ordered the Morris Garden fabric from there and I was very pleased with how quickly it was delivered. This time I ordered it and there was a bit of an issue with my credit card - my card had apparently been cancelled - because there was a concern that there had been a breach on my account. The Door Mouse was very helpful and it was sorted out quickly and they have sent out my fabric. So I certainly recommend shopping there. I must say that I really do enjoy this online fabric shopping. Even with the dollar being down a bit. It is just too fun!!

While I was at QBTB I laid all my Dear Jane blocks out on a table and took a picture. This is a terrible picture but it was fun to see them all together. I have 42 completed blocks. That is more than I thought. That is about 20 blocks per year -- I think I started it in February 2007 but I must check on that. Time can be pretty tricky in how fast it goes by......

What I did do at QBTB was finish all the blocks for the African Wedding Quilt -- I think that is what I will call this quilt.

I made 30 blocks all together. There are 3 different black fabrics in there but I don't think they are so different that anyone can really tell.

I have been sewing the blocks and rows together this week and then my next step is to make a row of Dancing Mama's for the top and work on designing the borders.

It snowed again here - the day after QBTB - I took pictures but I am not going to continue posting pictures of the snow - we all know what it looks like by now!!!
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  1. My goodness, you've been productive! Love how the African quilt is turning out! Oh and your DJ, you're getting these. That baby quilt is turning out sweet! Looks like you're getting a lot done despite the working hours! Hunter is getting so big! They do grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing! Keep well!

  2. I love seeing your DJ blocks altogether there, it may just inspire me to make one or two of my own. You've been so very busy - the African Wedding quilt is looking wonderful.

  3. You are very many quilts are you doing?
    ciao ciao

  4. Boy, you were a busy bee. Your DJ blocks are outstanding! That is going to make a lovely quilt. How long is it going to take for you to finish it? All your pics were wonderful!
    In Ireland

  5. You've been busy since you've come back from visiting Hunter and family.
    The African wedding quilt is looking amazing. And DJ blocks? That quilt is on my "to do" list someday, I've loved the book since it came out all those years ago (12? maybe)
    Keep up the good work!

  6. You've been very busy Pam! your quilts are greaat!; DJ blocks are Nice!; I will show my blocks in a few days; Kisses Dear Friend!

  7. Love the African Wedding quilt, and amazed at all the DJ blocks you have finished! I guess it sneaks up on you when you aren't counting.