Sunday, February 22, 2009

Such a long time

It has been such a long time since I posted. Jim has been back from his meetings in Portland since Feb 13th. Jim finally decided to take the desk top computer to someone for a "redo" and it is back and working VERY well!! I am very happy to say that it is running much better and I can actually type whole words without the computer seizing up and crashing -- just wonderful.

This orchid is a plant that Andrew and Anri gave me for Mother's Day almost 3 years ago. It was in the kitchen window for a long time after the bloom had gone - just a few leaves and a couple of stems. A few months ago I moved it to the living room and it bloomed again! Amazing. Such a lovely flower. I was so excited I was able to get it to bloom again after so long.

Here is my fabric from The Door Mouse. I am ready to finish the baby quilt. I love the yellow with the daisies. The outer border of the baby quilt will be the purple with the baby faces.

The pictures have uploaded to the blog in the opposite order that I uploaded them. I am not going to try to move them today - so this will be the finished product.

Jim bought a pasta maker on his way home from Portland.

Homemade pasta with homemade pesto - which is made from the basil we grown on the deck in the summer. Very tasty supper! And the pasta was amazingly easy to make and turned out really well for a couple of first timers. We call ourselves "the Italian Wannabees"

Here is the new machine. There is one sheet of pasta on the cutting board there waiting to be finished. We used semolina and farnia 00 flour and watched a bunch of video's on You tube first. Next we plan to make ravioli from scratch.

Tonight we are having Turkey dinner for Andrew, Eric and Anri. Andrew's birthday is this week and we still haven't sang Happy Birthday for Eric from his January birthday.

Hopefully now that I have a usable computer I will be able to blog a little more regularly.


  1. I am now using your beautiful orchid pic for my desk top background I wish I could be there to eat your pasta. I'm sure beany would have liked it too. he is eating all kinds of things lately like popcorn and rice cakes and strawberries. He would like nana's pasta.

  2. Anri is still around?! wow! and I'm very impressed that you got your orchid to grow. I seem to have a bit of a green thumb as do you apparently. Gramma did not give us those genes. She kills plants. Ce la vie. Post more. Or i'm gonna stop posting pics of your grandbeany.

  3. Oh I tagged you in a post!! GO HERE!!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous orchid!! Beautiful!!

  5. Hi Pam

    I gave my Mum an orchid for Mothers' Day one year, and it was the best present ever as it flowers each year just at the right time. I always say to Mum that she doesn't need a present each year as it's the 'gift that gives on giving'.
    Love fresh pasta and pesto - looks yum.

  6. The orchid is gorgeous! I am hungry just looking at the photos of your pasta machine and the pasta w/ pesto in the pan! Yum!! Enjoy...

  7. Pam you and Jim are two good chefs...........but you are a good gardener too.
    ciao ciao

  8. Beautiful flower! I love my pasta machine. Mine attaches to my kitchenaid mixer. It's great to have 2 hands free to play with the dough! I also use semolina flour that I buy in Montreal and 00 flour. That too in Montreal. Couldn't buy any of that stuff here! Love pasta! Any wine to go with that? Geeezzzz if you wanabee Italian (I'm pronouncing it the American way, emphasis on the I like in Eyerack!) lol gotta have the red wine! Cheers!

  9. I love gardening, so getting that orchid to grow was a great accomplishment. No use trying to do that here in Ireland.LOL

  10. Orchids are so serene, I love them. The pasta looks good too.

  11. Pasta looks yummy, fabric will be so cute for a child's quilt, and the orchid is amazing! Making your own pasta, hmm. I don't think Paul will go that far. He's getting lazier with age. =)

  12. HI Pam,
    GORGEOUS orchid - so nice that you got it to keep blooming..Bruce gave me a cut orchid for Valentines Day- It was a lovely purple color.
    Hope things are going well and that you are not working too hard these days.
    The pasta maker looks busy and the food very yummy. Hope that you had a wonderful set of birthdays with your kin.
    I am sure that Hunter is doing well and growing like a weed...
    Be well, my friend,