Monday, March 09, 2009

What Have I been doing!

It has been a busy few weeks. At the end of February we had a turkey dinner to celebrate Andrew's 23rd birthday. Andrew, Anri and Eric came for dinner - we also wished Eric a Happy Birthday as we really hadn't seen those two boys since Christmas. I would have posted a picture but the both looked like they needed to stand a little closer to the razor! I always say that it seems with boys - as soon as they are old enough to shave --- they don't! -- anyway we had a good dinner and a good visit.

I finally talked Jim into getting the wall hanging that I made for the dining room up on the wall. That was exciting. It has been finished since the Quilt Show in September. It was hard work though --- new holes had to be drilled and a new piece of wood to be fitted for the sleeve.

I am thrilled it is up! It looks wonderful on the wall - just like it was made to go there. Although in reality this wall hanging was started long before we moved to this house.

I ordered and recieved a copy of Bonnie Hunter's book -- Scraps and Shirttails. I ordered it from her website so it is signed by her as well. It really is a great book and I am so glad I decided to order it --- falling Canadian dollar or not.

I was off on Saturday to a "Quilting by the Bay" retreat and managed to get quite a bit done on the "African Wedding Quilt" I didn't get a picture of it at the stage it is at right now though. I should have but by the end of the day I was feeling like I was coming down with something --- the "thing" was the "whatever" Jim had passed on to me - as he was sick on Friday. So by Sunday we were both very sick and laying around the house coughing and miserable. Today --- the misery continues..... and on top of that it SNOWED today as well. But we are both too sick to go anywhere anyway! I can tell you though Jenny is NOT happy with us... we are not very interesting dog parents right now and she thinks we are just down right no fun at all. I think at this point she is wishing she didn't adopt us.

But on a happy note -- we should end with a picture of Hunter - who is so gosh darn cute. Look at those cheeks.

Here he is with a little friend. Hunter is now pulling himself to a standing position on everything. He rarely is on the floor - only long enough to get himself upright. I can't wait to go there for his Birthday in April.

So... last Thurday.. the phone rings at 6:30 in the morning and it is Jessica's number - but we are half awake and too slow to answer. When we finally do answer it has already gone to the message machine.. I hear this heavy breathing and then all this little chirping and Hunter chatting away. I called for Jessica - no answer.. so we listen for a while and then hang up the phone. After a bit I get up and phone Jessica and ask if she phoned us --- No she didn't.... so I says - well Hunter did then!! What a hoot, he was playing with the phone and I was the last person she had called on that phone so he managed to press redial and send.. So I said ... maybe he shouldn't be playing with the phone anymore. But we still have his little message on our machine... He is just too cute!
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  1. Too cute, is right! I love the story of his phone call, can't believe he's standing already, time flies!

    Your wallhanging is simply gorgeous!

    Feel better...

  2. Your wall hanging looks stunning!!

    I can't believe you got snow again! What a bizarre winter this has been.

    Hope you feel lots better soon -- and that the snow melts and that's it for the year.

  3. That wallhanging is just beautiful...and it is perfect for that wall!

    Cutie pie Hunter too!

  4. Beautiful quilt and it looks great on that wall.

  5. I love the wall hanging and of course Hunter is adorable!

  6. ohh that wall hanging does indeed look awesome there! What did you have up there before? the boat?
    Can't remember. sorry again for the early morning wake up calls. He loves his nana! We are going to come visit i think. Perhaps in May. I'll keep you posted.

  7. Your mariner's compass quilt looks wonderful against that brick. And Hunter is a little doll,he is.

  8. What a cutie and he just wanted to chat with his Nana! Gorgeous wall hanging.

  9. That quilt looks sweet on that wall! Good choice. That is too cute of Hunter! Smart boy! ;o) Do hope you're feeling better! I think you passed it on to me! lol Cheers!

  10. Love your wall hanging. What a perfect spot for it!

    I just want to squeeze Hunter's cheeks. :-) What a cutie.

  11. What a cute story about the phone call. It's been so long since I've emailed you, where has the time gone?? You found the perfect quilt for the perfect wall. I have brick that looks just like yours.

  12. It looks wonderful Pam! Very striking, and I love the stars at the top.

  13. Gorgeous Quilt!!! I have wondered about the Shirttails book, but decided on Nickel Quilts instead - do I need both books? ROFL...I'm supposed to be downsizing, lol. Sweet baby cheeks indeed. Thanks for the fun! Kim