Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A few more really cute pictures of Hunter

Here is Hunter with his Grand Dad - wearing his Canucks Jersey. Like a good grandson he favours the Vancouver Canucks over the Calgary Flames!! Go Canucks Go!!! Boo Hiss Flames! Grand Dad says there are still a few seats on the Canucks bus for Uncle Shane.

Here is Hunter with his little walker. He is so cute pushing the walker all over the room. He crawls very, very fast and he loves to stand up. I find it amazing how fast he can walk with the little walker. He doesn't yet walk on his own. He can use the walker to pull himself up and then walks all over -- just too cute. He just loves the walker. It plays music and he reaches over the handle and pushes the little music button and then dances to the music.

Here is his new little birthday chair. It is so cute. It is just the right size for him to sit and then it talks - reads a little book, sings songs, counts and plays music. I sure don't recall all these cool little toys when Jessica was a baby. He is very serious here -- wondering when Nana is going to stop taking pictures!!!

And of course a bath picture! I just love the bath pictures. He is just so darn cute in the bath. I would bath him all day!
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  1. Goodness, I just cannot believe how big he's gotten. Great pics grannie!

  2. Hunter is such a cutie....and growing so quickly. I love that little walker and I can see why he would like it if it plays music. He sure looks happy!

  3. In the last pic I saw two wonderful smiles.

    Happy Easter and ciao ciao

  4. I can't believe he's 1 already - what a charmer !

  5. He is absolutely the cutest little guy, Pam! Thank you so much for entertaining us with these wonderful, happy, photos of Hunter!

  6. oh Hunter! you are so sweet baby!!!!!!!! Kisses on your cutie cheeks;
    Andrea & Family

  7. That was lovely, all nice and cosy. Thanks and Happy Birthday Hunter.