Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Knitting needle roll

Before we went off to Calgary I made a little knitting needle roll for Jessica. She has taken up knitting and has been busy making scarves and blankets and such. I didn't post about it before we left because it was a surprise.

I made it out of Laurel Burch fabric. Perfect fabric for Jessica. I included the collection of knitting needles that I got from Jim's mum.

It was a pattern that I found online. Very easy to make up and I might just make a few more.

Love the cats!! I love Laurel Burch fabric. I have a great collection and it was nice to find a good use for some of it.

All rolled up with a couple of black ribbons.

I am working the next two days and then I am going to a beading workshop with Eileen Neill on Saturday. I am quite excited about this workshop. If you go the the website and click on the Beading picture you will see what I am going to be making. It is really cool! I have always wanted to do the beading embellishments on quilts but have never been brave enough to figure out how to do it myself.

I have made up my little "quiltlett" and I am all ready to go! I hear she is a wonderful teacher and I have seen her fabulous collection of beads she had for sale at our Quilt show last September. So I plan to take lots of money with me to the workshop!!

Wish me luck!
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  1. Wow, I love the needle roll. I have always wanted to make one, and have never had the courage. Was it an online tutorial, or a pattern that you purchased? The fabric is just darling.

  2. Oh oh this needle roll is fantastic. I think that I will copy for my sister.
    enjoy your workshop.
    ciao ciao

  3. Hello Pam! the needle roll is Great!Good Luck at the workshop!!!!
    Hugs for you!!!!

  4. Love that roll, it's fantastic! I am eager to see the results of your beading, too! Have fun!!

  5. That is a fabulous needle roll!! What a great use for some of the Laurel Burch fabrics. I'm tempted to make a few as gifts. Was it an online tutorial you found?

  6. Oh, that is gorgeous, Pam! Love the use of Laurel Burch fabrics! I have a feeling Jessica was thrilled!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs and stitches

  7. I love the cat fabric, and would love to know where you got the pattern for it.

  8. The knitting needle roll looks fantastic - what a fabulous gift including the needles of one of your loved ones. How was the beading workshop today?

  9. That's cute and functional too! Have fun at your class! Cheers!