Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter!!

We are back from Calgary and I have lots of birthday pictures - so many it is hard to chose just a few. We had a great time.

Jessica and I made Hunter's Birthday Cake. It is fun to be ONE!!!

Jessica made Hunter his own little cake to eat. I don't think he was too sure about the whole cake thing - although he quite enjoyed the whole Icing thing!!

Here he is with his Nana and Grand Dad.

He had just a ton of presents to open. His little pal Lorelie gave him a drum set.

Isn't that just too cute ---- a Rock star in the making!! He sat there for quite the long time on his drums - drumming away. His uncle Eric would be proud!!
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  1. Happy Birthday to dear sweet little Hunter, I can't believe he's a year old already, it's gone so very fast!

  2. Oh, no drums! Poor mommy. :) He's so cute Pam, thanks for sharing Hunter's special day with us. Hard to believe how fast he's growing up...

  3. Great pictures for a great day............
    Hunter is a wonderful rock-boy.
    ciao ciao

  4. Hunter is adorable. What wonderful pics !

  5. Hi Pam,
    Glad to see you looking like you are feeling so much better- what a horrible bug you had.
    Hunter looks like an all star drummer- what fun you all must have had together.
    Will you work all the Easter weekend?
    Nice to see how big Hunter is growing- He really is motoring with the walker...

  6. Happy belated birthday Hunter!