Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I guess it's too late to turn back now!

The renovation started Monday morning.

Here are a couple "before" shots of the kitchen. It was a very, very small kitchen. Amazing that we bought the house because the kitchen was so small.

The entire floor space was only 39' wide by about 50" long.

You can see the size of the kitchen quite well in this picture. You must agree that it need to be made bigger!! The bank of cupboards that came out over the counter and block the window drive me crazy. It is like being in a little cage when you are in the kitchen. You can't see anyone in the rest of the house. So now - walls are coming down - windows made bigger - doors made where there are walls. What are we doing!!

Monday the master bedroom bathroom was removed and yesterday the work began on the kitchen.

This is what Jenny and I came home to yesterday after our walk.

You can already see how just taking out the over hanging cupboards that the kitchen is more open.

Jenny is NOT happy. She is quite out of sorts. She has to be kept in a room away from the work and away from the open doors.

The first day of construction I went out for just a couple of hours and left her on the deck. As it turns out the door from the garage to the deck was open - the garage was open and when I got home she came prancing down the driveway to say hello. I have no idea how long she had been out wandering on her own. Quite happy I am sure to have escaped. Good thing she came back!! Anyway a little closer supervision has been required and she does not like it.

You should see what the place looks like today!! Good heavens. I haven't even picked out floor tile yet. I will post more pictures - it is amazing what a disaster it is up there.
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  1. Just think how happy you'll be when it's all done! Wow -- what a difference in your kitchen already. So much more open!

  2. Hey! The twin to that stove lives in my kitchen! Your old kitchen looked close but efficient for one cook to whip up some very good meals. Will be fun to watch your reno unfold. Better get that tile ordered! LOL

  3. are changing all your house!

    I love Hunter with his little glasses.
    a Kiss ciao ciao

  4. My goodness Pam, you're going to be living in chaos for a little while, but it will be so worth it in the end! Happy renovating hon!

  5. ... just imagine the end result and how happy you will be ....