Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The past few days have been really awful!

First I would like to say that Jim is away at meetings this week and I worked Sunday and Monday. Jenny was the only one that had a really good time because she got to have a sleep over at her pal Lillie's house.

The firplace has gone from this........on Sunday.

To this when I cam home from work on Monday night.......

To this on Tuesday........

I should have taken some pictures of the men working on Tuesday but I just wanted to get out of there - what a noise and mess.

This is the pile of brick sitting outside. The brick off the front is now being removed.

There is not much quilting going on that's for sure. I have a "Quilting by the Bay" for June 27th - so that will be my little vacation from all of this.... and of course my much anticipated trip to Sisters in July.

As I was driving down our street yesterday morning I stopped briefly to answer the phone and I looked in my mirror and there was a little black bear ambling down the street. Then the garage door would not go down when I got home at supper time --- so the garbage can in the garage got to spend the night on the deck with all the doors closed. What a nice meal that would have been for a bear. Just what I need is a bear rumbling through my garbage in the middle of the night.....Jenny barking... me alone and the phone wasn't working last night either. All has been fixed this morning.. phone back on.. garage door down and it's garbage day and the messy part is now finished. Funny how Jim managed to miss the whole thing!!
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  1. Lots of progress and I think you could use a HUGE (((((HUGGG))) so consider yourself hugged.

  2. Wow, what a LOT of progress, even though it's messy and noisy I know it will be worth it in the end. Husbands always get to miss the "good" stuff! Thanks for the update, I know you're crossing off the days until Quilting By The Bay! Well deserved vacation, I would say!

  3. Wow, have they ever progressed quickly!
    Between home renovations, a little black bear and a garage door not working, you definitely need a treat! Quilting by the Bay sounds like a very good idea!

  4. Holy cow what a mess, you sure are taking everything apart. Guys seem to miss the excitement sometimes.
    You have a couple of wonderful trips planned, I look forward to hearing all about it.

  5. Aren't renovations fun! I know I am doing it so I do know what you are going through. God, it must be hard for you!

  6. What a difference with the fireplace gone ... sure opens up the whole space and gives a lot of light. Black bears, now that they are out of hibernation and hungry ... garbage is a nice tasty meal.