Monday, November 02, 2009

Jerusalem tiles and a table runner.

These are the tiles that I ordered from Jerusalem tiles -- in Jerusalem. Now that they are all up in the kitchen I thought I would do a quick post about a table runner I am hoping to make.

There is a small group of tiles behind the stove. This is about 18 inches square.

There is a small row of them on the wall with the glass door cabinets.

And then there are Jim's fish tiles - one on either side of the window. Jim decided he wanted some cobalt blue tiles in the kitchen - so that is why we ended ordering tiles all the way from Jerusalem. I posted about that here.

I bought this fabric at the Vancouver quilt show a couple of weeks ago and just had a recent "Ah ha" moment about a fabulous table runner to compliment the new tiles. I have 10 fat quarters of this fabric - five in each bundle. The fabrics are all slightly different but the same indigo blue with a white design. I now need to find the perfect pattern. I am guessing this could take years. Kim from Stillmeadow sent me a pattern for a really lovely table runner - I think I have some great fabric for it but I don't think it will work with just the same colour blue - although my problem is I am not good at visualizing something - I really need to see it finished first and then of course it's too late. One of the big problems I had with the renovation --- How am I to tell if I like this granite - colour, whatever - from a tiny little sample!! Boy am I glad this is over -- more or less over anyway.

Our computer modem has died and I hooked up an old - very old modem - I think our very first modem. And the computer told me that it was working but it has limited use and I need a new modem -- good thing I know that! At least it seems to be working - so who knows what the computer access will be this week. I am heading off to spend the weekend quilting at a quilting retreat as well.  I have a few plans as to what I am going to do there -- mostly just relax I think!!  But I have a pattern for a quilt to make with the Morris Garden fabric and I am going to do a bit of cutting this week.  I also have a few Christmas stockings to make.

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  1. Beautiful tiles, and I love that you have just a handful of them scattered around the kitchen (we did something similar, actually) to make them look extra-special!

  2. I love those tiles and I think it will be a great idea to make a table runner that complements them. I hope you can find a pattern you like. I have the same problem as you have I also can't see the finished project in my head.

  3. Ohhh my goodness Pam, I love those tiles so much it's all I can do not to beg to have my kitchen retiled!
    Love love love them!

  4. Sounds like somebody has a long list of projects ahead...of the quilty variety. Still love the tiles you used in your kitchen. Perhaps you should design an applique table runner to go with those special tiles?