Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Few Pictures from the Quilt show

I am going to post a few pictures I took at the show. I was so busy that I was never able to see the whole show at once.

This quilt is a wool BOM quilt that I am actually working on from Creative Edge -- I really love the setting of this quilt - the small squares of wool to outline each block -- fabulous!!  I have two blocks completed and I am working on my third block.  It certainly gives me motivation to finish!

I thought this quilt reminded me a bit of the Picasso Exhibit at the Met in New York.

This quilt is made by an elderly gentleman in our guild.   He spoke at our last meeting.  I think he started quilting when he was in his 70's and he designs his quilts on an Excel spreadsheet and then hand dyes silk and cotton to construct them.  It is amazing.He had a couple of quilts in the show - I really like the two moons and the colours in this quilt.

His description of the quilt.

Queen Elizabeth -- looking regal!

This quilt was really well done - it won a ribbon.  Our show is not a judged or juried show and we give a"Viewer's Choice" and" Member's Choice" Ribbons.

This quilt - the Sashiko was machine stitched -- amazing how perfect the machine sashiko stitching was.  Beautiful!!  And on the machine!

A fabulous and colourful New York Beauty -- on my "to do" list!

Beautiful sunflowers.  We had Ruth McDowell come one year and do some workshops - I never got a chance to read the description of these Sunflowers but I wonder if they were from her workshop.

This quilt was all about the endangered species that we have in the world and it has small images of the different endangered animals and a Tree of Life is quilted in the centre of the quilt.  Very well done.  I don't know if you can get a better look at it if you can enlarge the picture.

These next two quilts were great examples of  how to get a striking quilt with scraps and the shadow effect - I really like both of them.

I have a few more photos but that's all for this post.  Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for taking us along, Pam! I love all the quilts and especially those shadow effect quilts, they are unique.

  2. The nice thing about quilt shows is the wide variety of design and fabrics to enjoy. I didn't see one single Schnibbles in the entire post. Hee! :-D

  3. Great Post Pam!!!

  4. Hi Pam,
    Love the New York Beauty quilt- some day I want to make that pattern.
    We are off to a quilt show in Westaskiwin tomorrow and then we are going to visit my folks in the evening. It should be fun.
    Thanks for sharing the show.

  5. Love that wool BOM..Who are you doing it with ?