Saturday, June 05, 2010

Finally a post about the fabric I brought back from New York

First here is a picture of the Statue of Liberty from the plane!!  We never did get to the Statue of Liberty -- but that is okay because we will go next time!! And there will TOTALLY be a next time!!  I am in love with New York -- although I knew I would be before I even left.  I have always wanted to go there and it lived up to all my expectations and then some.  I must have been a New Yorker in a previous life!!

I did buy fabric -- of course, what else would a true "Fabric Collector" do in New York.

I went to The City Quilter and bought some New York themed fabric.  I bought a couple of yards of these two fabrics for myself - I bought a few fat quarters of various prints to cut up and give to my Friday stitch group ladies as well. My favourite New York fabric is the blue city scape fabric - the colours are really lovely in real life.  I have no idea yet what I will do with it. 

I bought this 1/2 yard bundle from the Purl Bee in Soho. I really loved the little owls and the purple fabric in the bundle - and good price for the shop - which was a little more expensive but was a very cute little shop.   I would have loved to get a little bit of Liberty of London fabric - which they had a fabulous selection.  At $35.00 a yard -- or a nice little bundle of 6 fat quarter for $95.00 it was a little too rich for my fabric collection --- now maybe if I was in London.......

I bought this little mini panel from the City Quilter.  They had larger panels as well but this will be just the perfect size for some little New York project -- with my New York fabric....... maybe I need to make a New York Beauty!!  Or maybe I just need to add it to my collection.  Pretty soon I may need some new Ikea shelves.

I bought this fabric for Andrew's girlfriend - Anri.  I gave it to her last weekend,  she loved it.  Neither of us know for sure what she will do with it but you certainly can't find this fabric in Vancouver.  I bought it the first day we wandered in to the City Quilter and by the time I went back a few days later they were all sold out of all yardage and just had a few fat quarters of the Peace/Love fabric.  I bought her 1 1/2 yards of each - I thought she could make a bag or something, the pattern is quite large.  It is definitely pretty cool fabric.

I have been busy since I got home -- first thing I had to do is work a couple of night shifts!  And I have been busy with the Lions Gate Quilters Guild Quilt Show which is June 11th and 12th.  I am in charge of the Merchant's Mall --- good plan to put the "Fabric Collector" in charge of the Merchant's Mall!!!!  I have organized a fabulous bunch of merchants - I think...... It will be our biggest Merchant's Mall ever -- 15 Merchants - most of them from outside of the Vancouver area.  So if you live in the Vancouver area please come to the Quilt Show  --  June 11th and 12th at the Delbrook Rec Centre in North Vancouver -- 600 Queens Road - it will be a great show!!  There is more information and a map to the show on the website so  just click on the above link. 

Happy stitching!

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  1. What lovely fabrics you bought Pam! I'm curious to see what you will do with the New York fabric. Hope you don't have to wait too long before you can revisit the city.

  2. Gorgeous fabric! So glad to you had a fab trip to New York. Wish I could go to the guild show - sounds like great fun.

  3. I knew your quilt show was coming up soon, but I had lost track of the dates. Thanks for including the link to provide the details. I have other commitments next weekend, but I am definitely going to try to fit in a visit to your show. Our guild had Carol Piercy out to do a workshop a few weeks ago and she also was telling us we had to make sure we attended. If I can fit it in, I will drop you a line so that we may have an opportunity to meet finally in person!

  4. You did find fun fabric mementos of New York City. With any luck at all Lady Liberty will still be there waiting for your return trip. :-D The fabric would make great tote bags.

  5. 過去的事早已消失,未來的更是渺不可知,只有現在是真實的。........................................

  6. Well I have googled over to the City Quilter and looked over the New York range , now to wait for the dollar to back to where it was a month ago and Whoopee. I can see you will be back.

  7. I fell in love with the quilt in your picture the first Sunday you were in New York. I went to City Quilter on line but they didn't have the kit showing. So I emailed back and forth with the owner and--voila--I have the Magic Diamond quilt waiting for me to work on it this summer. I so love this quilt. I think I would do very well in New York as well!
    Lurking Linda

  8. I used to love NYC, and I enjoyed seeing the pics and the fabric..loved all of it!