Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jim's Big Excitement.

I have a quilt show story to tell.

On the first day of the quilt show Jim was home from work for the day and he always likes to come and see the quilt show. So he arrived Friday - I gave him a little wave I a caught a glimpse of him paying to get in to the show. I was very busy the first day of the show. Some time later I saw him again coming out of the show -- with such excitement he grabs me and says "we were the inspiration for someone's quilt" I have no idea what he was talking about but he was so excited!! And he dragged me into the gym to show me the quilt....

I know this quilt - I have seen this quilt be created and quilted at a number of QBTB's and a couple of Bowen Island retreats.

And so I read the description. 

Jim was so excited!!    I told Jo Ann she totally made Jim's day!!  She was actually quite surprised that he had attended the quilt show - and completely impressed that no only did he look at the quilts but that he was actually reading the descriptions - which she thought was pretty good for a husband.  The cute thing was to see Jim so completely excited that he was an inspiration for a quilt.  And I must say that the work that Jo Ann did to quilt the fish on the quilt was amazing --- it is a HUGE quilt and she had this one little stencil that she used and just a regular sewing machine.... amazing... great job.  And thanks so much for making Jim's day!!!  He is still talking about it :)))

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  1. A fun story, nice that Jim spotted the quilt and was so pleased to have inspired this quilter to quilt fish on it. Tom thinks he's the only guy to attend a quilt show, just wait till he reads this! He would also agree the this quilt is pretty and is nicely done.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Such a stunning quilt and a very fun story. Bruce enjoys going to the quilt shows with me- He sees different things than I do. How fun that Jim enjoys them too- I love the fish quilting- The quilt is very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great quilt, its so nice when other let people know who inspired them and so nice to hear when you have inspired others.