Friday, April 28, 2006

Getting ready to go to Arizona

I thought I would post a picture of myself and since I am usually the one with the camera and I don't like having my picture taken this is about the best one I could find. This is taken on Chestermans beach near Tofino and Vancouver Island. I'm sure I will eventually find a better picture - but for now this is it. I was thinking of posting the Six weird things but I don't know if I can come up with six.

1. I am left handed and I am unable to easily and quickly determine left from right and quite often give out wrong directions, saying turn left when they are supposed to turn right and in my mind I see the correct way but don't know what is left or right. I have to think very hard before every new task to decide which hand I will use. Some things I can do with either hand. I write with my left hand but I use right handed scissors.

2. I can't spell at all - thank goodness for spellcheck - I agonized for years over my inability to spell but I have accepted it now! Every time I need to spell a word with a "ie" I still go " i before e except after c". Some words I have written thousands of times and I still spell them wrong - or they just look wrong. Andrew has inherited my genetic abnormality and I have encouraged him to just accept and embrace it and use spellcheck. And I have recently discovered the google spellcheck on my google toolbar!!!

3. I really want to exercise but I hate exercising. I think I need to embrace and accept that also.

4. My mother hated musicals and hated Julie Andrews even more for some reason - so I was an adult before I ever saw "The Sound of Music" I thought the movie was wonderful and loved Julie Andrews in it. I have never seen "West Side Story" or most of the famous musicals - "South Pacific" etc. I have married a man that loves the old musicals so I am starting to watch a few now. I quite enjoy them. I also had only one television channel until the mid 1970's (CBC) So I never saw alot of the old television series - Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best, Mayberry FRD, etc. We watched "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "Red Skelton" on Sunday nights and that was the extent of my childhood televison memories -- except of course for "Hockey Night in Canada"

5. I have no musical ability at all -- probably inherited from my mother! I can not carry a tune or can I recognize what is in tune or out of tune -- I can not recognize a song until the actual singing of the title of the song. But - even though I watched very little TV as a child my TV and movie trivia knowledge is amazing! So, in our house - Jim does the music trivia and I do the TV trivia.

6. I love oranges, I would eat them all day long. I am very picky about my oranges and spend a long time choosing them. I love lamb. My mother hated lamb and I grew up thinking lamb was horrible stuff and never had lamb until I was 30 - I discovered I really liked it! I have a great and wonderful mother (other than the Julie Andrews and Lamb issues) - she is left handed also. Some things are passed on from mother to daughter and some are not.

I am getting ready to leave for our trip to Arizona tomorrow and I really should be packing and stuff but I'm not!! I should get going here.

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