Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Retreat

I am back from Spring Retreat and have been at work for the past two days - so a bit of a delayed post.

As always I had a great time. The spring retreat is a place to finish or start all those various projects - UFO's - COPS - PIGS !! etc. (love that PIGS) I finished Jessica's table runner and put all the binding on my big quilt. I am sort of working on a "Thinking Outside the Block" project but wasn't too inspired to do very much on it. I also made a few bags. (That could be one weird thing about me, but we won't go there yet) The NVOS has about 20 separate little bedrooms - I should have taken a picture of mine - they have little sinks and bunk beds and are quite comfortable for sleeping. The meals are all provide - we just have to wander from the sewing room to the dining room when they ring the bell! The food is really good. Breakfasts are always so good -- French toast, pancakes, blueberry sauce, fruit salad, yogurt, eggs, bacon, sausage. I don't really need to eat much for the rest of the day after that. We have little door prizes during the weekend. I won 4 fat quarters and we each got to take home our placemat. Each year the women that organize the retreat make little things for us to take home. Once it was a little quited bag to carry a coffee mug - I used mine for my camera. One woman works for a magazine distribution company and we each get a BIG stack of quilting magazine.

On Monday my package came from Keene NH with my 40 fat eighth's for my Dear Jane. I can't believe how quickly it got here. I didn't have to pay any duty or extra charges on it. I will definitely order from her again.

We are getting ready to start our road trip to Arizona this Saturday. I am hoping to prepare a few Dear Jane blocks to take along and sew up in the evenings in the hotel room. Not sure if I will get that done though. I have to work a night shift tonight and then I have a bunch of things that need to be done before Saturday --- LIKE PACK!!! So I better get at it. We are going to take the laptop computer with us on the trip - so we can take lots of pictures and just download them onto the computer. I am hoping that we can also get on the internet and check email and blogs etc. The computer has the wireless web - but we have never used it --- so it will be interesting. I will post before I go off anyway.

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