Sunday, April 02, 2006

Three more Dear Jane blocks

This block had that little tiny piece in the centre that I tried to sew on straight and had a heck of a time. I pulled it off once and then the second time I left it - until my husband commented that it was funny looking! So I then decided to reverse applique the centre piece. That worked much better --- then in all my wisdom I thought I would look up the tips and hints on the Dear Jane CD - guess what the tip was - reverse applique the entire block!!!! From now on I will read the tips and hints for the block before I start the block.

These Dear Jane blocks were all applique blocks. I thought I should go back to a bit of an easier block - that first block had such tiny pieces to stitch together by hand, and it had been years and years since I did any hand stitching of seams. I completely forgot how it do it at first. I have a couple more blocks cut out and ready to go.

I am completely finished hand quilting my great big sampler quilt. I just have the binding to put now. So it should be ready for our guild quilt show in September.

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