Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six Dear Jane Blocks

My first 6 blocks are completed. I am trying not to get too obsessed with making them. I have this little pile of stuff in the TV room sitting on the table and on the floor. It has not moved for a month or so. We will just pick it up, vacumn and put it all back. It is all the supplies needed for my Dear Jane - three different pairs of sissors, paper, books, thread, patterns, fabric, etc. - looks like a little junk heap. All the required things needed to make the blocks. I also have the Mariners Compass quilt sitting on the floor because I can quilt a row or two on that when I am not working on the Dear Jane.

I have been sort of stuck at home for the part of this week. I had to take my car in to spend two days at the Volkswagon dealer getting "decarbonized" Seems that the diesel fuel was starting to clog up the car. Andrew came out and picked me up yesterday to get my car. Nice to have a bit of a visit with him. Most of the time he is staying at his girlfriends house - Although he insists that he has not moved out. I kind of miss my visits with him. I do try to get a lunch or a coffee visit in once a week or so. He has been working as a ski lift operator at a local ski hill for the past couple of months. He figures he is the first ski lift operator in the civilized world that does NOT ski! He did get a couple of free rentals and tried a bit of snowboarding though. And he did phone home afterwards to reassure me that he hadn't broken anything.

So I did do quite abit of quilting instead of going out into the garden which was what I really should have been doing. And it was supposed to rain today so I went off and bought myself some new gardening tools -- instead it never rained and I still never went out into the garden. We have a fair amount of work to do before Jessica and Ben's June wedding. So now that I have new gardening tools and if it does not rain tomorrow I WILL go out and do some work in the garden tomorrow. But now there is a hockey game to watch and I think I can do another Dear Jane block tonight.

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