Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

I have been away working the past few day and so much seems to happen when I can't check in the blogs I love to read. I will try to catch up. When I work the 12 hour shifts I leave home at 6 AM and do not get back home until 8 - 8:30 in the evening. So it can be quite tiring and then I have to get up and do it again the next day -- and so on.

Today - Valentines Day - I am working a night shift, Jim has gone to Portland for the week for meetings, so it will not be much of a celebration here this year. I will live vicariously through all my friends and blogging buddies.

Before he left Jim brought me a lovely bunch of lilies for Valentines Day since he would not be here. Very sweet. Valentines is one day that we always do something special.

The Valentines Day that is most memorable for me is 1998. The year the Winter Olympics were held in Japan. I worked a 12 hour day shift - so it was 8 pm or so when I got home. Jim had spent the entire day preparing a wonderful meal. He had gone to a meat market downtown to get a special cut of beef tenderloin. He bought food from all over I think. He had the table all set up with a lovely table setting, flowers, wine. He had a menu printed out and set on the plates. And the food he made was wonderful -- the tenderloin was just so good that night, I still remember it. He had potaoes he had mashed with roasted garlic and made green aioli to whip into them and then toasted them in the oven. He spent the entire day preparing and cooking. The most memorable thing about that night was - he had brought Eric's little TV set up from his room and set it on the table so we could watch the finals of the Canadian Womens Curling team. As we were enjoying our dinner the Sandra Schmirler team won the gold medal at the Olympics. It was an amazing game to watch. I think you can't top that!

I saved the menu. He has done a few other "menu meals" since but I think this was the best. We have don't go out to eat all that often any more, we are finding that we make much better food than we get served in a lot of restuarants - and the wine is cheaper!

Happy Valentines Day - and I will try to catch up with all my blogging when my night if over and I have my week off.

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  1. Beautiful memory! I remember when many years ago my husband stopped the car near a meadow because he had seen a daisy. He picked up the flower and gave it to me. I still have that daisy in a book. Good Valentine's day. ciao ciao

  2. What a thoughtful husband you have! I think that he should give my husbands some lesson - LOL.

    We have the same mentality on eating out - we can do better at home. The last time we went out for dinner the beers were $8.00 each! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that on the bill. Beers are cheaper at home ....

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. What a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner memory! I prefer buying a new pan/knife/gourmet ingredients now over going out to eat also! Besides - if I DO have a favorite dish at a restaurant my DH goes to work trying to make it better, LOL!



  4. Wow! Where did you find him Pam? Your 30s quilt is looking good.

  5. What a sweet guy you have. Very special memories are to be cherished.

    I've ordered wool from They have Weeks Dye Works which I love and you can get some pieces.

    Good luck.

  6. What beautiful lillies, remind me of spring...ahhhh! What a sweetie you have!

  7. Wowww!!!Beautiful the flowers and Beautiful memory!!!!Happy Valentine to you

  8. What a great Valentine memory. I especially love the menu. Yum. My DH does all our cooking and I'm spoiled rotten.