Friday, February 23, 2007

Making the Rounds

I have been very busy playing with the EQ6 program. It is very similar to the Dear Jane software so it has been not too much of a learning curve. I have yet to design a quilt though.

I was asked a question by Su Bee what makes the EQ6 better than EQ5 and I don't really know the answer because I never had the EQ5 program. One thing I was told was that the EQ6 has rotary cutting instructions, which EQ5 doesn't have, but I can't even say if that is a fact. I am happy I bought the program and I hope to fiddle around with it for awhile before I try anything serious -- like quilting is serious.

I also have spent a few minutes this week finding out what I need - getting the idea first from Joyce and then it seems to be spreading around the blogs. I didn't go too far along because apparently the #1 thing I need is a Sperm Donor ( which I am certainly not interested in!!)

1. Pam needs a sperm donor
2. Pam needs no net to net a man ( so why do I need a sperm donor)
3. Pam needs our help ( I guess!)

I think the problem is with this is that my needs are apparently related to what Pamela Anderson needs - and that is not good.

Then - over at Calico Cat I got directed to The Fat Quarter shop and because of Darlene at Quilting Daze and the charm square 4 patch tutorial I needed to order a bunch of charm packages. So these were on sale.

I also bought a couple of other packages. Some wool charm squares because I just loved the wool applique that Wendy does, and I really want to try doing some wool applique. For some reason, and I'm sure I never even looked at the wool charm squares on the website - but they were on my order and they were on sale for $6.00 for 6 - so I guess it was meant to be.

Belem has a great link to a pin cushion tutorial ( and I can use my newly purchase wool when it arrives).

So all in all it has been very eventful these past few day. And I finished one more DJ block and I have only 4 blocks more to go on the Hugs and Kisses quilt, so I will work on that today.
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  1. Oh Pam, I'm glad to see that I've influenced you. teehee! I can't wait to see what you do with you charm squares. Have fun!!!!

  2. Pam, I started reading your post, got sidetracked by darlene's charm square tutorial, then sidetracked by something else, and an hour later I'm back here!

    I have EQ5 and I've enjoyed it. You'll have a lot of fun with EQ6, I'm sure.

  3. Oh, such wonderful charms! I'm very tempted by the plaids - love plaids. I won't go look, or I might succumb, and I already spent my allowance on Whitman Tins today. =)

  4. Oh it's always so fun to buy fabric!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. I guess you are going to have to find your sperm donor from somewhere other than the net.

    I'm so glad you bought fabric - now I don't feel so bad about posting my purchase! These charms look like so much fun, but I will resist.

  6. Don't you just love those charm packs? -- they are like quilter's candy without calories.

  7. Those charm packs are addicting, for sure! Boy, you really have had a busy time! Thanks for the fun links, I really liked the pin cushion!

  8. Charm packs are so much fun, I love to look at each of the fabrics in the package. Thanks for the interesting reading.

  9. So more lovely charm packs, fortunately I live in Europe and it is a bit of a problem to order in the US. Just toooooo bad! Can´t wait to see what you will make out of them.

  10. You have been busy buying fabric - what a lot of different fabrics you will have to look at when they arrive.

  11. I just had to say hello since you gave your birds the same names I gave my children! lol

    My Zoey and Abbey are 7 and 6 year old little girls.

    And I just clicked over to the fat quarter shop after reading your post.. like I need more fabric!