Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fabric purchase - no fabric diet here

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Aftertaking Jim to the doctor on Monday I went off to the bird store to see if I could buy a new ladder for the birds - their ladder is comng apart at the rungs. Unfortunately the bird store is not open on Monday - so there is a Quilt shop very close by - so off I went to the quilt shop.

I didn't buy much but I spent a lot of money. The package of brights is a kit for a simple star/heart baby quilt. I don't have a lot of bright fabric, I discovered when making the quilt for Jonah so I thought the baby quilt kit would be better than buying a bunch of fat quarters to make the quilt. It is a very simple quilt - just an appliqued star in the centre of a 6 inch block. The quilt shop was selling the pattern separately for $10?? so I did not buy the pattern - I thought that was a bit much! I have some of my own brights to add and the black and white fabric is for the borders. I just made my own star template and will make the quilt that way I would like it. I have a couple of baby quilts to make, one I am working on now.

I needed some cream coloured fabric so I bought about 4 meters of three different creams. And the little pack of Moda, those are just so cute. I have another package of Moda fabric like this - but darker colours - that was a door prize at a retreat. Great to match up with a solid colour and make a quick half square triangle lap quilt.

The circle cutting tool is from Fabricland - on sale half price. I thought it was a nifty gadget - now I am not so sure. I was testing it out last night and with the rotary cutter that is suggested 28mm it is very difficult to cut the small circles. And the really tiny rotary cutter will not work at all. So the jury is still out on that tool. It is funny some of the tools I have tucked away in my drawers that I bought and have never even taken out of the package. I have an instruction book and templates for the Double Wedding Ring quilt that I bought in about 1996 or 1998 that I still haven't taken the shrink wrap off!

I have chosen my fabrics for the siggy swap. That took awhile because I wanted to use my stash but I wanted something that was sort of Canadian - The fabrics that I had in my stash that have moose and bears on them were too light and I only had fat quarters - so it will be leaves instead.

Last night I discovered a blogger trick. There is a website that updates blogger issues and there was a note on it about the "Remember Me" function and how it does not work in IE6 (which is what I have) If you go into "Tools" and click on "Internet Options" and then under "Privacy" you then click on "Sites" if you type in -- -- then the blogger and Picasa both will remember you. And it works! At least so far, no more having to retype my password every single time.


  1. Pam, just to show you how nice a person I am, I am willing to relieve you of your guilt, and am willing to take your wedding ring template, the circle cutter, and your background fabric. LOL

    I like everything you have purchased - and agree that making your own pattern is sometimes the best option.

  2. Thanks for the tip on blogging! I've just done it to my computer, can't wait to see if it works!

  3. OK - I followed your instructions, though it was a tiny but different on my ie. I can hardly wait to see if this works! I'm crossing my fingers!

  4. What a fun shopping trip! I love the brights, and you can easily make that without a pattern, I would think. If nothing else, there are star patterns on educational sites on the internet or clip art sites. =)

    I think you asked about our traveling mode. We don't have a motor home. We have a 5th wheel - the kind of trailer where the bedroom rides over the bed of the truck - you might have seen them. I have pics on my photojournal. I'll try to remember to post a url on my blog.

    We don't have a dish on the roof - wouldn't work on here. We have a regular TV dish on one tripod and the internet satellite is a huge dish on a different tripod. No automatic anything. =)

  5. Love all your purchases. I hope you got my email...I fixed the scones recipe. It is 1/3 cup heavy cream. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

  6. Ciao! I wrote here because I can't on Dear Jane. It says that is impossible..I actually don't know why.
    I like your sons and parents photos too. Your purchases are nice and I hope to see your Siggy. ciao ciao

  7. I've been enjoying reading your blog for the last few weeks, I thought this would be a good time to jump in. I too have templates that I've purchased and not used. I have templates for curved piecing. I knew when I got home and tried it that I would never use them again. It was a good thing I didn't buy the foot that was recommended as well.

  8. Thanks so much for the Welcome and Visit. You are correct about the chocolate fabrics.

  9. Good choices. I simply adore those little Moda packets.