Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Purchases

I think I might be more of a shopper than a quilter. I seem to buy much more than I make. I keep reminding myself that this is my retirement fund.

I purchased this hand dyed felted wool from my LQS this week. I had a filled loyalty card worth $25.00 of free merchandise - so the wool was pretty much free :)) So that's okay then!

I would like to try some wool applique. I have also got some pieces of wool coming from the Fat Quarter shop, I am not sure what size pieces they are or what colours they are exactly. I need to start looking around for some wool applique patterns. If anyone has some suggestions feel free to give me some ideas or such. I really haven't decided yet what I will do with the wool - but I really want some wool appliqued flowers. Maybe a nice little wall hanging or table topper - like a penny rug. I think with the leftover bits I am going to try making some bottle cap pincushions ( I saved that site).

The other thing I bought was this Laurel Burch panel. It was new at the store and I really enjoy the fun, bright, fantasy colours and design of her fabric.

When we were in Sausalito I went into a little shop that had a lot of her mugs, purses, scarves, socks etc.(no fabric though). Laurel Burch is from the area around Sausalito and the woman who owned the shop in Sausalito said she knew her quite well. There was a book there to sign to say hello to her and wish her well, which I did sign. The shop owner had told me that Laurel Burch has very poor health and a chronic illness that affects her mobility and her bones - I can't remember exactly what is her condition. It is amazing the beautiful things she creates.

Of course, again, I am not sure what I am going to do with my piece of fabric. I thought it would make a great bag. The piece is folded (it is 45 inches wide) with the same picture on the other side. Maybe a centre for a great Laurel Burch wall hanging or small quilt -- or maybe both. Or maybe I will just save it for retirement and keep shopping :))
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  1. I saw that fabric last weekend at a quilt shop out this way. It is funny that you would think about making a bag out of it because that is exactly what I said when I saw it, "That says bag to me!" *LOL*

  2. A wall hanging would be lovely. Love your Hugs and Kisses too.

  3. If it is free, it doesn't count as a purchase. I have been trying to save money rather than fabric for my retirement. Less storage, and I can buy the latest and greatest at the time.
    The Laurel Burch fabric is really cute.
    There is a super block of the month that uses wool applique. There are a couple of bloggers that are doing it. I wish I could remember which ones they were, or the name of the pattern, but I can't. If I come across them on my travels, I'll let you know.

  4. You've been having fun shopping for wool! I can't work with wool - allergic to lanolin! :-(

    That Laurel Burch fabric is wonderful - can't wait to see what you do with it. Enjoy!

  5. I recently bought some wool to try wool applique. Not sure what pattern I'll do but I've really enjoyed the things I've seen pop up around blogland so when I found a group of wool pieces at hancock's close-out sale I bought it.

  6. Thanks for the info on Laurel. I do love her fabric, the colours are so vibrant. I hear that wool is nice to work with for applique, no edge turning. One of my favourite shop has many wool kits (The quilted crow). I haven't tried it as of yet. Too many other projects to do. Enjoy collecting fabric for your retirement! Happy quilting!

  7. I succumbed to a little package of wool felt (or felted wool? can't remember) at Road to California. Must be something in the air! Do you live near Sausalito? (I'm in the east bay...)

  8. I love the colors of the wool. Are you going to do penny rugs?

    I couldn't resist the Ocean Song, I think it's called, either. I bought it pre-order from Over the Rainbow and had it sent to my best friend's house in California for the next time I visit.

    Best of luck with the new job hunt. Shouldn't be too hard - at least down here, there is a lot of demand for all medical personnel.

  9. I think that certainly you will find an idea for a nice applique.
    Wonderful the Laurel Burch panel. ciao ciao

  10. Yes, just keep shopping Pam!

  11. I sure you will find a nice pattern for a penny rug. I've made a queen size quilt with wool flowers, I think it was called Midnight Garden by Quilts in the Country. I also did a wall hanging with wool.
    You will really have fun with it.

  12. Love the colors of the wool - I'm anxious to see what you make with it. Wow - That Laurel Burch print sure is colorful and I agree it would make a great bag.