Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hugs and Kisses

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It seems like quite a while since I posted. I finished all the blocks for the "Hugs and Kisses" quilt this week and it is now just pinned to my design wall. This seemed to me to be the best layout of colour for the quilt. I will start sewing it together soon. The slight difference in the WoW blocks is really not noticeable at all, you have to really look hard and search out the blocks which have the slightly smaller leaf design, it is the same pattern, just slightly smaller. I haven't decided what to do about borders yet but I would like to have something I think in the border. I have been working with the EQ6 program, so maybe that will be a place to try out different borders.

My son has pretty much finished my DJ website. I will post a link on my DJ blog. He has added a few sections - like "News" "About Me" etc. that I have not done anything with yet - he also added a picture of Jim and I - which I have left there for now. I think the virtual design wall looks great, he did a good job.

It was Andrew's birthday on February 24th. The baby of the family is now 21! My goodness. It is really amazing how fast time goes by. It reminds me how important it is to make time count as much as possible. So - that brings me to work......

I have been busy at work the past couple of days and I have been seriously thinking about some big changes -- like a new job. I have been working at the same hospital for 16 years. There have been changes almost every 6 months for the past 10 years - and now there are some really big ones happening and I think maybe a new job - which would be a big change, but a new change, would be a better fit for me. This is going to be really hard for me. I really like all the people I work with, and I always thought I would just work at this hospital until I retired. But the unit that I work on is being moved to another hospital and it will be a huge change for everyone. I have not done a resume in -- 16 years! But I am gathering my stuff together and I think it will be very good for me. I think it will take a few weeks to get everything organized but I have a few months yet before I really would like to be in a different job. I think before it is all said and done there will be a lot of - doubts, sadness, happiness, excitement, nervousness, apprehension -- and the list goes on.

One thing I would like is to find a job much closer to home. I am now driving over 40 kms each way to work and there are 3 hospitals much closer than that. It would be nice to have a shorter drive to work - and better for the environment. I bought my VW Jetta in 2002 and I already have almost 170,000 kms on it - in 5 years. That is 34,000 kms a year, just driving around Vancouver. Although in that 5 years I have driven to Calgary twice. That is a lot of driving I think. So, we will see what the next few months will bring -- at least I can keep quilting.


  1. I just LOVE that kind of quilt, and yours is so sweet and beautiful !

    All the best for your new job! I can understand how you feel....

    Smiles !

  2. Love the quilt! It would look nice with a piano key border made of all the different colours.
    Good luck with the job decision. A shorter drive to work is a real bonus.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. I love those soft colors.

    Good luck with your job change. You have a lot of courage to change after 16 years at the same place!

  4. Your quilt turned out beautiful. Good luck with your decision of a job change.

  5. Hi Pam! I really like the colors you used in this hugs and kisses quilt! You also have some seriously cute pictures of kids in your margins. Don't they grow up fast though?

  6. That's a beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing what you put in the borders. I can imagine some applique on there - I think Piece O Cake has a similar quilt with appliqued borders, not sure.

    Good luck with the job hunting. I think it is always a good idea to know what your options are, and then you can decide which option is best for you.

    Your son did a great job with the website.

    Happy birthday Andrew!

  7. The quilt looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result. I hear you about commuting. Less time on the road = more time to do the things you enjoy. I used to commute to Montreal every day. The traffic is the killer of time. Keep well and good luck with the changes job wise!

  8. The quilt is beautiful.....where are the differences? I can't see them...
    Changing job after 16 year is very brave and you are very strong.
    Many whishes to your baby son for her 21 birthday.
    ciao ciao

  9. I love your "Hugs and Kisses" - it's so cute! Anything with 30's can't help but be cute. :-)

  10. Your hugs and kisses quilt is beautiful! A very classic look that I'm sure will be treasured for a long time.

  11. Your quilt came together beautifully. It's a big step to change jobs but working closer to home is so much better for the extra time at home and less stress of traffic.

  12. Isn't such a good feeling to have a quilt to that point. And such a lovely one too.

    How far along are you on your Dear Jane Journey? It is such a wonderful trip.

    I don't envy you the job search. But you will find one and settle in again.

  13. I love this quilt. It is very old fashioned looking and very cheery. If you could find a marbled fabric with all those colors in it that would really make it pop. Of course that would modernize it too. Good luck on your border search.