Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anri making the bag

Anri started on the bag yesterday. Looking at the various applique techniques we decided that using the fusible web was the best was to go. I got her do a practice piece first - cutting out the pieces, fusing the fabric and then machine stitching around the pattern. She tried a few different stitches and decided that the blanket stitch was the one she liked the best.

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She got much more completed that either of us thought she would. She finished the outside of the bag - machine quilting and all. I think she did a really great job. It just needs a little trimming up and it is ready to be stitched together. The handle, the binding around the top and lining will also be the pink fabric.

When she has looked through my fabric and looked at the fabric in the quilt shop - she is right away drawn to the Amy Butler fabric. A quilter in the making to be sure. She said yesterday that she would like to get a pattern for a summer dress and make it up with some Amy Butler fabric from the quilt store. I think that might be a bit expensive - maybe a bit of online shopping for fabric would be a good idea. As we were making the bag yesterday - we realize the pink fabric she had chosen -- was Amy Butler fabric.

Morah from Fat Quarters had asked a question about putting pictures on the blog banner -- and there were a few good answers. So, I was finally able to figure out how to put a picture in my banner. It will probably not stay that picture. I would like to put something "quilty" in my banner, but I couldn't find anything that would do at this time. So - Thank you Morah and all those who replied. It was very easy actually - just a little fiddling around with the size of the picture. I think Blogger has made some recent changes to their format to make it easier to add a picture to the banner. I don't recall there being an "add picture" button in the "edit" section of the banner before. So any one who wants to add a picture -- just click on the edit section of the banner and add a picture. You just need to make sure the pixal size is right for your banner. Aproximate size 600 x 150 or so. Different blog templates have different banner sizes.


  1. Oh my goodness - isn't she doing a superb job! How wonderful that Anri has you to teach her - please do show a photo of the finished bag - okay?

  2. You're right, she is definitely a quilter. The fabric selection, the exquisite workmanship in both the applique and the quilting. It is going to be a beautiful bag. The picture of her sewing is just priceless! Such intense concentration.

  3. What a cute bag, and what a great job. I see more quilty projects in the future!

  4. What a great job she is doing!!! the bag is goregous!!!

  5. Wow, the bag turned out lovely. She has talent in the sewing department. Yea, I love Amy Butler, just not a bag person. Although I think I'm starting to be interested! lol Happy mother's day!

  6. I think Anri is very good!
    The work seems difficult but the result is perfect!!!
    ciao, ciao

  7. What a nice looking bag Anri has made, she will have all her friends asking where she got the bag.
    Thanks for the banner info.