Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finished the Baby quilt

One last picture of the baby quilt - completely finished and ready to wrap. I didn't put a label on it - I should have machine stitched one on the backing but I didn't and then I was a little worried the baby might pull it off and put it in his mouth - so I just didn't bother putting on a label.

This is the last bit of fabric I bought at the FVQG show in May. I have no idea what I am going to do with any of it -- in true "Pam" style. I just love the polka dot fabric. It has these shiny polka dots - just wonderful fabric. The fat quarter bundle was for sale - 1/2 price, so although I really don't need it at all - who can resist fabric 1/2 off.

I need to get ordering some fabric off the internet now - with the Canadian dollar at 0.92 or so U.S. It hasn't been this high for 30 years ---- time to shop!! There are a couple of online shops that I need to spend some time browsing -- I just don't seem to have much computer time lately.

I have been back preparing Dear Jane blocks this week. So a little quilting has been done, but not much. The sun has finally broken through again, and there is a lot of gardening that needs to be done. I should be outside weeding!
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  1. Can you send me the selvedge info off the brown prints? They are GORGEOUS :) The baby quilt looks great! xoxo melzie

  2. Cute baby quilt. Your fabric selection is wonderful. I like all of those fabrics too. And no, I wouldn't have been able to resist at half price either. I bought a kit last month and a collection of fat quarters this month. I hope to get back to buying fabric only for particular projects soon, although those kits technically are for specific projects.

  3. Yummy - those fats are so pretty. And you simply can not be expected to pass that bargain! LOL -
    The baby quilt is really cute -

  4. The baby quilt is adorable, Pam! Way to go!

    That pile of fabric is YUMMY. I like the dots, no wait I like the pretty florals, well maybe it's the dots - let me take a closer look at the florals. teehee. Good shopping!

  5. Your baby quilt is lovely! The bunny fabric is so darling.

    And I agree that your new purchases are yummy. Just seeing beautiful fabric is enough cause to purchase it -- no need to actually have a plan for it!

  6. I am an adict of nine patch. This quilt is so pretty for a baby. Lovely the little bunnies fabric.

  7. How gorgeous are those bright prints?!??!! :-D

  8. Lucky baby who is getting that quilt! It's great!

    I love the fabrics you showed, and I love that you bought them without plan. I have a closet-full like that - at my best friend's house. =)

    There are sales at several of my favorite online places - Dakota Cabin Quilts, Over Rainbow, Wish Upon a Quilt - and don't forget that every Thursday is sale day at Stitch-N-Frame!

  9. Pam, this baby quilt is sooooo cute ! You did a GREAT job ! (Beautiful fabrics, too !)

    Hugs & smiles,