Thursday, May 10, 2007

Japanese magazines and a new quilter

Andrew ( child #3 ) phoned me one day a couple of months ago and said his girlfriend, Anri, was wanting to learn about sewing and quilting. She was thinking about asking me to teach her how to quilt. I was a bit surprised, I don't think she has had much sewing experience at all. She has decided she wants to do a bit of sewing - making some clothes and bags, and even a bit of quilting. I told her any time she wants to come over and spend some time sewing - I would be happy to show her what I know -- which isn't really all that much!

Her mother had gone to Japan and brought her back a couple of magazines for her. She brought them over for me a few days ago. She really is quite interested in quilting and sewing.

The small magazine is mostly bags, cell phone bags and small purses. The larger magazine is full of wonderful patterns. A number of bags as well, plus quilts and a tea cosy, place mats, and it also has an article featuring American quilters and the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. All of it - of course - is in Japanese. Anri's mother can read it - but neither Anri or I can! But the instructions have really good diagrams.

So -- this is the bag that Anri wants to make. This will be her first go at quilting!! Applique! We went on Sunday to the LQS and she picked out the fabric. I just finished working the past three days - so some time this weekend we are going to start the bag. I was going to show her needle turn applique. That is what I do - and I find it the easiest. I think I will start her off with a small practice piece and see how she finds it. I have a small heart cut over for her to try first.

I took an Applique with Folded Cutwork course from Anita Shackelford a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed the course - so that is the way we will be working with this project I think. With the freezer paper on top of the fabric and needle turn. If it is too difficult to start out with - I think she could do the iron on fusable web and then blanket stitch or machine satin stitch.

Here is another couple of pages from the magazine.

There are full sized patterns also included. I love the way the Japanese quilters take traditional patterns and make them non-traditional with their fabric choices.

It is a great magazine. Now I just need to learn Japanese!!
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  1. Japanese sewing magazines are just fantastic. I have several about making bags. I am lucky that my DIL is Japanese so if I get stuck she can help me. They have enough pictures though that so far I have been able to muddle through.

  2. Japanese magazines are always so gorgeous! Have fun bonding with DS's girlfriend :-) How neat!

  3. How sweet you are to pass on the quilting bug to someone else. Quilters are certainly generous!
    These are beautiful quilts, and the bags will look great.

    I was struck by your commetn "I would be happy to show her what I know -- which isn't really all that much!" Goodness, if you don't know all that much, that makes everybody else relatively drop a few fathoms. You know a great deal.

  4. Oh wow i love these...the bags r great!!! love the quilt!!

  5. I think you were really happy when your son asked you if you wanted to be Anri 's teacher.
    The japanese journals are very nice! I don't know japanese too...damn!
    This bag seems to be difficult to do..or it just seems from the journal?!
    Enjoy your work!
    ciao, ciao

  6. this was just fascinating . . . . .

  7. Wow the magazines have great patterns . Since it's a purse that will be used alot I would consider the fusible for durability. I hope she enjoys her lessons, have fun both of you.

  8. What fabulous patterns! How lucky you are to have a new quilter in your family!

  9. hmmmmm this could be the determing factor on if this girl is a keeper or not. How well does she play with THE mother. LOLOL

  10. A new quilter in the family - woohoo! Think of the fun you two are going to have!

  11. Pam it sounds like you had some fun with Anri. Is that the Patchork Tsushin magazine? Very inspirational aren't they? I'm glad she wants to learn about quilting - you are too humble I think about how much you know. Making something is one thing, but teaching takes it to a whole new level, and her bag looks wonderful. 'Is' she a keeper do you think?

  12. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Woah! That purse looks slightly Hawaiian as well. I can see why Anri picked it, what a gorgeous pattern. For a beginner, Anri certainly did a great job!!!! My best friend lives in Tkyo, and I love buying Japanese fashion and craft/quilting magazines. But I can't read them. I am not sure how to start, except to just jump right in and do my best. Tomoko is not around for me to ask for translations questions. I am impressed by the effort Anri put in!

  13. Good instructions and diagrams are always a big help when trying to "translate" a pattern. I often buy magazines in German when I am in Europe and have managed mostly by following the pictures. Great of you to help Anri learn - looks like she is off to a great start!