Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Quilting Room aka "The Stash Disaster Zone"

I was reading Caron Mosey: Michigan Quilts today about her stash. I was thinking that her stash and my stash must be cousins! Although now that I look at my pictures I see it much more untidy than her stash -- so I must be the poor cousin nobody likes to invite for dinner -LOL

It started out so organized in my new sewing room when Andrew left home and I took over his bedroom. The big Ikea cupboard was converted into a perfect stash cupboard.

Soon it was overflowing.

I think I have been away from home either in Alberta x3 - Sask, Alaska, Washington State and the Yukon or working - more than I have been home these last 6 months or so. Rather than quilting I have been happily adding to my stash in a sort of "shopping and dropping" style. I buy fabric - go home - drop in on my cutting table and go off to the next shopping destination!

Here is my cutting table piled high with purchases that have yet to be unpacked. Mostly because I don't know where to put them.

I also have items in my sewing room that are taking up valuable floor space -- like Andrew's Ikea chair - that he doesn't want and I have no idea what to do with it. And if you look on the far right beside the table there is Jim's 1970's stereo - turntable - record albums and all!! That I would like gone as well. I think my stash would look much more organized with the extra space.

Recent purchases piled high on my ironing board - as I am not quilting so hence I am not ironing.

Under the ironing board is a big container that has fabric that I took to a retreat last November - Hummm - I am going off to that same retreat again in a couple of weeks - I won't even bother unpacking it now!
There is also some of my fat quarters from the Fat Quarter shop in Texas.

Piled under my table is my various containers -- one is scraps, one is UFO's and one is all my Dear Jane fabric -- although that is getting full and I have Dear Jane fabric piled on the ironing board now as well.

I really would love to have an organize stash - but I think at this point getting it organized would require professional help -- and someone who is interested in a Stereo for 1970!!


  1. Hum.... ya know, when I want to get rid of something I put it by the road side and it magically dissapears! ;o) I say magically cause it's not garbage day! lol I will say clutter impairs one's creative energy! Ask me how I know. Well, I'm off to complete a small project. I'm in need of a blogging subject! lol Cheers!

  2. I think your stash and my stash could be best friends. Just when I think I've tamed one area, another area is getting unruly. It's hard when a sewing space is a storage area too - I have the very same issue.
    Have a great day

  3. When you figure out how to get organized I want to know too. My stuff just gets messier every time I go in my sewing room.
    I put a old ceiling fan out on the curb and the guy thanked me when he picked it up.

  4. HI Pam,
    I loved seeing your sewing room and all your new treasures- I know that our stashs are related and mine is not getting smaller no matter how fast I quilt.
    Occasionally I use the strategy of going to check out the stash before I intend to go shopping- sometimes that curbs my desire to buy more fabric.
    However you have been with me at a quilt sale or two so you know how I can enjoy finding a deal or two...VBG
    My sewing room also suffers from the space being used by my son and his friends as a alternate space to be. Right now it has 3 young men and the Guitar Hero game playing away -
    I haven't found space for all of my most recent purchases_ I need more boxes or less fabric - I think I will opt for more boxes...

    As for the turntable that is becoming a vogue way to listen to music- if you can find a good stereo needle to play the records..
    I wish you well with the stash dilemma... I Know you will find a solution.

  5. Pam, thanks for sharing your pictures! I feel better now about my poor stash situation. You're right, our stash COULD be cousins! At least you're not shoved into the basement, though!

  6. HMMMM - looks very familiar! Are you sure those are pictures of MY sewing room? If you can find the secret to an organized and clean sewing room please share it. LOL

    How's Baby Hunter?

  7. Pam! How are you? It´s like my sewing room!!!!!!!! I can´t find a moment to organize my place! Kisses and Hugs Friend! Talk to you soon! Andrea

  8. You know... we can all relate. I have a new, self-imposed, "rule" and it's this... I don't shut out the lights in my sewing space unless I have cleaned up and put away today's accumulated debris. That way, in theory, I always come into a neat, tidy space and can be more efficient. We'll see how it goes. It's only been one day and rules are designed for breaking! ;)

  9. You are brave posting pics of your sewing room and your stash! But I LOL when I read that your old stereo is in the room too....don't you want to keep it there, it's an antique now!

    If you ever find the solution to keeping stash and sewing room neat & organized please spread the word !!!