Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting reorganinzed

I have been busy refolding and reorganizing my new shelving unit this week. It is hard to decide where I want to put things but I am pretty much finished now and I have lots of room to add more fabric! It is nice to find some things that I had long forgotten about. The Ikea cupboards have pull out drawers that are large and easy to pull out for storing the fabric. I now have a Dear Jane drawer, a special fabric drawer ( wool, silk etc) and a Projects drawer - a drawer of batting and fusible web, a Notions drawer, Fat Quarter drawer -- and so on - I have a 12 large drawers and two shelves. As you can see I still have a couple of storage containers under the table. I think a sewing room is ALWAYS a work in progress!!

My side of the room.

Jim's side of the room. Now he has work to do!

These are the blocks I completed at the retreat on Saturday. I really love this Peace on Earth fabric. I still have one more block that is almost completed and then I am caught up to November.

And I am also working on a Professional bag for myself - like the one I made for Jessica. The outside is completed - now to do the inside.

Happy Halloween - I am off to work for 4 hours today.
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  1. These blocks are great! Next retreat I have to spend a bit more time checking out everyone else's projects :o) I really need a special bag to carry all my retreat stuff... Yours looks wonderful!

  2. Yours sewing room looks wonderful! You must be thrilled to have all that wonderful storage!
    Love those blocks. The fabric is wonderfully rich!

  3. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Sounds like you're getting all organized. That's a task that I rather enjoy, as compared to other housekeeping tasks. My problem is that once I've got things are sorted and stored away, I sometimes don't remember their new locations. ;D

  4. Your room is coming together nicely, such organisation.I like the bag with handy places to put thing in, I have yet to find an easy place in a bag to put the car kleys when you aren't wearing pockets so to speak.

  5. LOL! You are much neater than your husband! I love the Piece on Earth fabrics too. Your blocks are wonderful. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It made my day!

  6. Your side of the room is looking good. My sewing room is looking more like Jim's side. Like the projects you were working on at retreat.

  7. Your sewing room looks great and what a nice surprise to get that awesome storage shelf with drawers. I love your blocks, how big will the quilt be when done? The back wall is a little empty, maybe a good place to hang a new quilt.