Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogger is loading pictures backwards

Since blogger seems to be loading the pictures backwards I am not going to move them around tonight.

It has been an interesting week here on the west coast. There are so many weather related posts out there that I really didn't want to blog about the snow --- but yet there is just so darn much snow!!! In the past 24 hours we have received another 30 cm on top of the 15 or so cm that we had last Wednesday. The unusual thing is that it is cold and the snow is staying on the ground. Usually we get snow one day and rain the next.

Here is a picture of Jim shoveling the very long driveway this morning. We actually were able to get out to the mall this afternoon for my last bit of Christmas shopping.

The driveway -- before being shoveled.

A couple of snow pictures. I know there are just tons of snow pictures out there but I just couldn't resist. It is supposed to snow again on Wednesday or Thursday.

I like this one -- you can see how much snow has fallen in the past 24 hours -- the pile of snow on the bird feeder.

Here is a picture of the new washer/dryer. It has been busy since it arrived on Friday.

I have been busy with last minute Christmas items. But Jessica sent me a little video today of little Hunter working on his crawling --- and trying to eat the cat's tail. It is so incredibly cute so I am going to try to post that as well.

We had a wonderful salmon chowder tonight. Jim made it with all the left over bits of salmon that he has collected over the season. He will fillet the salmon and scrape off bits that are close to the bone and left on the bone from filleting. He also saves all the bones for the soup stock. So tonight he made it into a fabulous salmon chowder -- while I wrapped Christmas gifts. It is so nice to have someone else prepare a great meal -- I did help a bit, I put the buns in the oven to warm......

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