Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I has been a bit since I posted. I have been busy working --- have to pay for those Christmas gifts! (and the new washing machine/dryer) My washing machine has been having issues for the past month or two. It is washing fine - but the dial is not advancing so it has to be manually moved to the next stage or it just stays stuck where it is --- like spinning clothes for 1 hour! And as you can imagine it is hard to remember the washing machine - it is something you usually put on - and leave to do it's own thing. It is the machine that came with the house when we bought it - so we went out last week - just to look - and bought a Whirlpool front load washer and dryer - for a very good price at our favourite place to buy appliances. So -- Merry Christmas Pam and Jim -LOL

While we were in Seattle we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. The week we were there they were setting up the Christmas decorations and they set up a Gingerbread House display to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes.

So here are a few pictures - to start the Christmas season.

The theme of the house was "Super Hero" I think this is Batman filling in for Santa.

I really liked this one it was just full of lots of details. It was quite large -- 4-5 feet high

This was a drawer that would move in and out and the light was on and all the super hero toys were made of candy.

There was another one that was the Batman house with a lot of details and I really liked it but I didn't get a very good picture of it.

I have been doing a bit of quilty things this weeks as well -- between shifts.

I had a dream last night that I got ready to go do all my Christmas shopping and it was Christmas DAY! Such a nightmare - I better get going - I now have my list -- sort of!
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  1. What a wonderful gift......A new washer and dryer... They always seem to go out at the wrong time of year.

    Thanks for sharing the gingerbread houses. They are amazing.

  2. What fun to have seen all this in person!

  3. Loved to see the ginger bread houses Pam. December is not a good month to have a washing machine break down on you but on the other hand a new one is a nice "gift".

    Watch out for the nightmares!

  4. Oh those houses are looking great! Thank you for sharing! Have fun Christmas shopping!

  5. What an interesting assortment of gingerbread designs. Who would have thought. Hope you can get all of your sewing done this week!

  6. Wow the details on the gingerbread houses is incredible. They seem to be super hero theme...very cute.
    Don't worry I've done very little shopping as well.

  7. That dream of yours is a nightmare... YIKES! Love the GB houses, my husband and I visited a similar display a few years ago at a hotel we were staying in near Asheville, NC! Some of the houses really were super-creative, too. Enjoy your new appliances, I know you will!