Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Okay - more snow pictures!

I really shouldn't be posting more snow pictures -- enough is enough! But I just couldn't resist. It has been snowing here all day and night - it has finally stopped. It is unbelievable. ( Update -- apparently it hasn't stopped snowing!!!) The Global News is on right now and they were saying that in December the average snowfall for Vancouver is usually about 16 cm --- so far this December we have had 70 cm!!!

We went to a play at the Arts Club Theatre on Granville Island last night - "It's a Wonderful Life" It was very well done and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The snow was just starting as we were driving home at 10 PM.

We are supposed to drive in to North Vancouver and pick up the two boys -- Eric and Andrew to spend Christmas Eve here. There is a good possibility that we will not be able to do the drive. Andrew doesn't get off work until 6 PM. It just won't feel like Christmas if the boys don't come out for the night - but watching the News it looks like it is too bad out there to take the chance of driving - and there and many hills between here and there.

The driveway which Jim worked so hard to clean and sprinkled with salt is back to where he started. I can't believe how much it snowed today --- just adding to the already great pile of snow that we have on the ground.

Here is the snow accumulated on the back deck -- and this much snow is on the roof. I bet when it starts to rain and all that snow on peoples roofs starts to suck up the rain there are going to be some major roof issues happening.

This picture gives a good idea of how much it snowed just today -- the pile of snow on the railing is about 7 inches! That is just today's snowfall. I can't believe how much it snowed today -- have I already mentioned that??

And this is my favourite picture! I think I have said enough.......
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  1. Enough is not enough for me, you can keep on posting your snow pictures Pam. I love them :-).

  2. Stay safe, Pam. It continues to snow here. I keep thinking it just can't snow anymore! Merry Christmas! Here's to the first coast to coast white Christmas since 1971.

  3. Wow that is a lot of snow. We had freezing rain one day where the streets were just covered with ice, but then it melted the next day. We had rain yesterday and some more is forecasted for today. I hope you get to talk to the boys on the phone at least. Stay safe.

  4. Looks like you're having a white Christmas. Glad you are safe at home. Have a cup of hot cocoa for me.

  5. not bored with snow pics yet..........esp love the one of your pretty.......hope you had a great Christmas day........

  6. Wow! You really ought to stop hogging the snow! Shouldn't we, in the northeastern, be getting all that gorgeous snow? LOL It is beautiful! I must admit, you have much more than we do. As a matter of fact, ours is slowly melting due to warm weather and some rain. sigh! At least you had a white Christmas. Did the boys make it down? I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Chritmas! Hunter is so cute! Hugs

  7. Wow -- I can't believe how much snow you have had, definitely more than we've got. Tomorrow it's supposed to be going up to about 13 and pouring down rain. Hope you get a thaw soon. Although it's pretty, I know what a nightmare it can make getting around.