Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day

It just snow and snowed all day long! Needless to say the washer and dryer never arrived.

I just had to post some pictures of my afternoon walk with Jenny.

Look at that face - within a few minutes of starting out she was covered in snow. Jenny just loves to be out in the snow. And the snow was the soft and light and fluffy kind of snow that we rarely get here. It doesn't often snow here - I don't even own a pair of boots. I was out walking in my running shoes. It was a good thing it was the fluffy - dry snow. Usually the snow we get is wet and messy.

This is a picture of my neighbourhood today! It was quite the snow day. I like this picture you can really see how heavy the snow was falling.

Jenny - looking through the bridge railings - up to her chest in snow.

We returned home to find Jim walking down the hill. The highway was closed for a good part of the day. I got a number of calls from random cell phones he borrowed to say he was still stuck and pretty unhappy. By the time the road had opened around 1 PM it was snowing so hard he decided to leave the car and take the little commuter bus back. He left at 8:30 AM for a 40 minute trip to the bank and back - which turned into a five hour marathon and a his car now sitting in the parking lot at Safeway.

He is very happy to be home! Here he is in Eric's old coat from Grade 8 -- 1994. Bought for Eric to wear in Cranbrook and kept for Jim to wear at Andrew's hockey games. We don't even own winter coats!

Jenny just loves the snow so we played outside throwing the ball for her - which was hard for her to find in the deep snow.

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  1. Wow, did you ever get snow!! It looks so pretty -- but I know what a pain it can be to try to get around in.
    They're saying we'll get a BIG storm on Friday and again Sunday. Guess it will definitely be a white Christmas here.

  2. Oh my goodness Pam, I can't even imagine weather like that! It actually looks like lots of fun, but I guess it can wear thin when all your plans get messed up.
    That second picture looks pretty enough to be a postcard.
    Be sure to have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. It does look good but from experience I know that it isn't fun at all unless you are a dog or a small child.

    No mention of the washer and dryer. Guess that might be today.

  4. Looks so pretty! What's with the weather? I can sympathize with Jim! Traffic is awful when it's storming! Enjoy the snow! Hugs!

  5. I thnk your snow is on the way over here. A couple of years ago it did snow in Ballarat and down in Tasmania they have had snow on Christmas day. The photos are picture oerfect. Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. HI Pam,
    I hope that your washer and dryer has arrived.
    THe weather here has turned colder- -30C the wind is bitter so I am looking forward to spending some time indoors now that school is out. I will have to make at least one big shopping trip out for my boys things- or at least stocking stuffers.
    We don't have much more snow than you and the snow does look beautiful here too- just a little too cold for my taste. Winter in Alberta is never predictable.LOL
    Jenny looks like she is having fun in the snow...
    Season greetings to you and yours,

  7. Lovely, lovely snow pictures! Oh, I miss the snow.

  8. Goodness, do you need any firewood? I have extra to share.

  9. hope the snow has stopped by now but the photos are great.........have a nice Christmas

  10. That snow is amazing!! So pretty in the pictures but I guess not so great to live with!!
    Have a wonderful Xmas and all the best for 2009!!
    Ps....hope Hunter has a wonderful first Xmas!!