Monday, October 04, 2010

House reno's that continue.......

I know this has nothing to do with quilting.... but I am quilting as well...

Work to be done on the soffits...... the back of the house has been mostly painted at this point and Jim is changing the old white painted soffits with new cedar ones.

This is how they looked...see the ratty old mesh covering the soffit vents.

The change to cedar -- which was not too difficult as the new cedar is put right on top of the old soffits....I didn't get a "before" picture of the white soffits on the inside of the deck -- but they looked just as bad as the ones on the outside of the deck - trust me!

I like this photo because Jim is wearing his "Beer is my Life" T-shirt!!  In this picture you can also see that the outside wall of the house on the deck is still white and the roof of the deck has yet to be washed.  Most of this was done without my help - I think I was quilting this day.....and a neighbour who had a special saw was helping this day...... but finally I was called to service....

As you can see the outside wall is no longer white - the roof has been washed and the new vents in the soffits are going to be installed..... and I got to help.

Isn't that lovely..... new cedar - new vent covers... newly painted brown trim - although the brown trim around the window still needs another coat.... it really doesn't ever end!

And a nice new deck.... time for a beer!!

Isn't it lovely!!  And Jim  has officially declared that his work for the season on the outside of the house is finished!!  Thank goodness!!!

Now for the closet.......................

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  1. It looks great..........The perfect place to stitch and have a cup of tea. Shall I bring some scones?

  2. Please tell Jim if he gets really bored when this project is done, I have some eaves that need painting . . . and there's a lake nearby for fishing breaks - LOL!

  3. Oh Pam it looks fabulous! I think we have to have another stitch at your house just so we can gaze in awe in person!! Tell Jim to go easy with that whip we need you at stitch. :-)

  4. Your deck looks great, and it will be a wonderful place for your family to hang out.