Sunday, October 03, 2010

Last Weekend.................

Before I get to what we finished this weekend .... let's take a look at what we did last weekend - or maybe it was the weekend before - I can't remember - it all seems to blur together in a haze of sore muscles.....

After we finished the painting of the outside of the house - which is now officially "not WHITE"  The new colour is Mortar.... with a little bit of Baffin Island and Dark Chocolate Brown trim - we still have yet to paint the white doors - which will be Carmel Apple - like the garage door. 

Once the paint was dry - it was time to move the wood pile back to where it belongs - under cover - right up against the newly painted house - but away from the rain.  The wood pile had been under a tarp on the lawn for the better part of the summer and we had a very rainy September so we needed to move it.
I got to help!

Here is Jim - as more than half the wood pile is moved by the time I decided I needed to take pictures.... so the wood pile went from here....................

To here....................

The other half of the wood pile.

Jim has a bit of a hoarding instinct when it come to wood.  He will come to a dead stop if driving down the highway and sees a tree down that would be good burning wood -- like a Cherry tree - or Arbutus... it's a bit of an illness I think.  When they were building the new highway there we all kinds of trees being cut down and Jim would go back at 6 AM with his chainsaw and truck and pillage the dead fall.  Lord knows you can never have enough firewood!

Then as I was looking around the back yard I realize what a total disaster it was - Good Heavens -- I need a picture of this mess....

Old bird cage...( poor Abigail) --  dead washing machine... lawn mower --- what a mess!!

So a picture of the front of house --- which looks lovely after I swept up all the dead leaves.  That was one of my assigned tasks - after moving the wood pile!! 

I did get to go to a Quilting retreat on Saturday though - QBTB - and I worked on the Civil War BOM for almost 10 hours and I finished 3 blocks!! 

More to come -- and the back yard looks much better this weekend -- bird cage is gone!!

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  1. What a welcoming home you have.

  2. You know they say that things always look worse before they look better and I would say that you and Jim are well on your way to the better. The house is looking great! BTW, Jim is going to have to collect a lot more firewood to catch Tom ~ nothing like a home-brew while sitting next to a warm fire and a guy has to have plenty of both for the long winter ahead, right? It's sort of like fabric...but I didn't say that!