Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Off to the Adams River

Jenny and I are off tomorrow morning to the Kamloops B.C area to meet Jim and see the great Adams River Sockeye run return to it's spawning grounds.

Jim was already there last week so here are a couple of pictures that he took last week.

The red spawning sockeye................

The dead sockeye...................................

Makes you wonder why they are so desperate to get back there!!

Jim had meetings again this week so he has gone up to Kamloops and I am going to meet him there at the end of his meetings and go see the river and the salmon.  All these years and I have never been to the Adams River - this is supposed to be a very big years as there were 25 and/or 34 million salmon returning this year -- ( those numbers are an estimate!)

Jenny gets to come and we are staying at Sun Peaks - just outside of Kamloops - pretty exciting.  Although I am not as happy as I would like because I spent an hour and a half in the dentist chair yesterday getting an old crown replace ( amazing  how something that was put in - in 1992 is now "old" ) -- anyway I am quite sore - it is on my "bad" side - so I have been taking Aleve and Ibuprofen most of the day.  I sure hope it doesn't turn into the pain and agony that I had last October.

I have been busy working on my Civil war BOM quilt.  I am really enjoying making this quilt..................

And the main reason I am enjoying it so much is this little featherweight I call her Daisy -- Well she just loves this fabric!! And is sewing it beautifully!!

I tried to sew the Morris Garden Lady of the Lake quilt on her but she just did not like that fabric but she just LOVES the Civil War fabric and her and I are bonding!! 


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  1. Have a wonderful time! I used to go there with my parents as a kid and remember seeing a river of red; I think it might have scared me when I was small but it's an incredible thing to think about the journey they take!

  2. Have fun Pam! We love it there - we have property in Celista and I gets lots of sewing done there!

  3. Enjoy your adventure. And when you get back you and Daisy can play a bit more.

  4. I love your quilt,and I also have a Singer 221 Featherweight.
    Aren't they fun?

  5. The quilt is looking lovely...the dead fish, not so much. How was the trip?

  6. That's a sweet little machine, is that new? Your Civil War Tribute quilt is coming along nicely! It's such gorgeous fabrics. We offered the BOM at the shoppe and it sold out. You should see the fabrics for the next BOM in that series. Sweet! This one is called civil war chronicle! I have been told that it's going to be a series of 6 quilts! The Chronicle one will be about the general's wife! Have a great time traveling! Cheers!