Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A walk through my neighbourhood

A Couple of weeks ago I took my camera with me as I went for a walk through my neighbourhood. These are some of the pictures in no particular order. This is a view of the front of my house from the street below. All you can really see is a big hedge and the chimney.
This is the south end of the road below my house. To the left are the houses that are on the water. To the right is a green belt and the railway tracks. This is a view from the beach access looking south towards Boyer Island. There are only a few cabins and houses on Boyer Island. Jim and I have kayaked around Boyer Island. Lots of marine life around there.
This is a view from the same spot looking more west towards Bowen Island. Quite a few people live on Bowen Island. It has a large artistic community - authors, artist, quilters etc.
This is also from the same spot - looking north up Howe Sound, towards Gambier Island and the mainland.
This is a view of the backside of "The Lions" from the road. There is quite a bit of snow up there this year. It was a little late in coming but the mountains have a lot of snow this year.
This is the north end of the road. This is a small bridge that crosses Harvey Creek
This is a view looking north up Howe Sound from the end of the road. I am standing on another bridge just a bit further up the road from the first bridge.
This is the small beach and park at the south end of the road. Boyer Island is in the distance
This is the street that I live on. Just at the bend in the road to the left.
Home again, Home again. The drive that goes down to my house. We live in such a pretty little neighbourhood and when the sun is out and the sky is brilliant blue I just had to take a few pictures.


  1. I was just poking around and found your blog. Beautiful pictures of Vancouver. I few years back I had to travel to Seattle quite often for business. When I was picking up my rental car they would always ask me if I was going to take the car to Vancouver. I wanted to just say "Yes" and go there instead of to work. :o)
    Very nice quilty work. Hope to see more of your Dear Jane soon.

  2. Oh, Pam, what a beautiful neighbourhood you are living in, really beautiful photos... Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog, it is always nice to get one,
    I also really like your work, beautiful things you make...