Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back to work - and it's hot out here

Well -- first thing is the poor fish died. I was away for two weeks and he was fine when I left!! Poor Jim, he cleaned his water the day before I got back and the fish was fine for a few days and then Saturday morning he was dead. I am surprised he lived as long as he did really. Poor little guy. Not much of a life living in a Margarita jug on a dining room table. ( The fish was a table centre piece at a wedding last September -- that Andrew had to bring home, he said Anri had to have the fish -- Anri didn't want the fish and so it made it's home on the dining room table in a glass Margarita pitcher)

So -- This is a "before and after" picture of the bag of quilting I took on my road trip to Calgary. Never even took a stitch!! The weather was too nice to sit with a quilt. I must now get busy on the last little bit of the fish quilt and have it ready for the quilt show in September. Just the binding and a little quilting - so it shouldn't be a problem.

I did buy some fabric though - of course. I was at a little quilt shop in Cranbrook and I found this rack of pre-cut templates that come with a bunch of patteren that you can make with them. I had never seen them before - There were about 10 different sets. I bought a set that makes 45 degree diamonds (Set E) - it has 7 pieces in the set and patterns to make a bunch of 12" blocks. It will be nice for scrap quilts - using the "Bonnie Hunter" methods!! The templates are made by Marti Michell. I don't know why I have never seen them before.

Another project to put on my to do list. Posted by Picasa

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