Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salsa's and Ceasars

The tomatoes are starting to ripen rapidly in bunches - so Jim made a very large Salsa today - like we need 2 litres of Salsa. He does make good salsa though, and with the fresh from the deck tomatoes and lots of peppers who can say no? I will probably end up taking a bunch with me to work. It is not the salsa that the problem it is those darn taco chips.

My sister brought a bottle of Russian vodka when she came down for the wedding - I was so busy I never got a chance to find out where she got the vodka or why she brought it. Then after the wedding she went back to work and I still haven't really found out much about the vodka - except I have had a few Ceasars since I got back from holiday and I am enjoying the great Russian vodka. Real Russian vodka with only Russian on the label - it is quite nice and very smooth.

So tonight the weather is much cooler and I sit out on the deck finishing the hand quilting on my fish quilt and enjoying a Ceasar as Jim is busy making buckets of salsa.
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