Sunday, July 02, 2006

My first swim -aka "float" of the year

I went out for a swim tonight. It was a lovely evening for a "float". Jim had already been out a few times since the hot weather came, but with the wedding and guests etc I never got out until tonight. These are pictures from the spring - but to show where we swim - we start at the little beach and swim along the shore - the tide can be a bit tricky and it can carry you out and then you have to swim back against it - or you swim hard against it going out and then it just carries you home quickly. We always try to hit the tides that carry you home! Much easier. Tonight we enjoyed the company of a seal. Right at the beginning of the swim this little seal popped up about 5 feet away from us, and it stayed right beside us - just popping up every few minutes for the entire time we were out there. It was a little unnerving at first, I was worried it might bite my feet or something, and it would just pop up all of a sudden quite close - a bit startling. It was a nice swim and I am out of shape and need to get more exercise.

I have registered this wall hanging - along with my sampler quilt for my quilt guild's quilt show in Sept. I now must finish quilting it. I decided to name the big sampler quilt - The Journey - talk about a difficult thing to decide - what to name a quilt. It was supposed to be registered by June 30th at the latest - I registered it June 29th - because I needed to name the darn thing. I hate naming quilts - but they wanted them named. So I thought "The Journey" was a good name for it. As the sampler quilt was the beginning of my quilt journey.
Posted by Picasa This quilt is from a workshop given by Pam Godderiss. "Newfangled" the fish is an actual fish printed on a shirt that was hanging unworn for years in my husbands closet. The name for this one is "Sebastes caurinus" Since my husband is a fish biologist - I think the fish is some kind of rock fish.

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  1. I just love the fish quilt! And oh to live so close to such beauty, lucky you!