Monday, November 27, 2006

More Weather Woes

First off here is the close up picture for Melzie of the little handmade house on the wall in my quilting room. A friend of mine and her children made it for me one year for Christmas. It is made of wood and pine cones and seashells and bits of things. It is quite cute and has been hanging in my quilting room for a few years now.

So the wonderful west coast has had another weather system storm through -- this time SNOW!! It started snowing on Saturday night and this is what it looked like this morning. And of course we have been without power since last night at 11PM. It was darn cold - the power came back on about 3:30 this afternoon, for that I am happy that we don't have to spend another night without power. Norma from Silver Thimble Quilting
has much worse weather out her way and hopefully she is okay and has power.

And lastly -- here is the other thing that hangs on the wall in my quilting room. It is an Elvis Presley hip shaking clock that Andrew brought me home from Graceland in 1997. He was 11 and my mum and him went to Memphis to see Graceland (both big Elvis fans) and I asked him to bring me back some sort of tacky touristy thing from Graceland and this is what I got. I just love it - straight from Graceland.


  1. WOW _ Beautiful ! (I LOVE Elvis, too !)
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I couldn't answer your question directly, as you're stated as "no-reply - anonymous".
    >>> the blocks are 6 inches finished size.
    Smiles !

  2. I love the little house--looks like it needs a little fairy occupant! I like mini's myself and was collecting them to do a Santa's house before I started my modified part/full-time job! One day I'll get back to it.

  3. Oh I love that little house...I want to live there! Thank you for the closer-up :) Cute Elvis the Pelvis clock ;) xoxo melzie

  4. We made it through both storms without loosing power! Thank goodness. Sunday night my parents were without power--same town different side than us. We had a family dinner here on Sunday night so I was grateful that the power outage was on the other side of town, not here! On Monday and Tuesday there were only a few people who made it into work. Thank goodness I only live minutes away! I am so grateful for a short commute that does not involve travel on the freeway!